Saturday, November 10, 2007

Video of 9 Nov- Starr voice of India

On this Diwali episode , Abhas ,Harshit and Ishmeet got a big bonanza gift from Amul Star Voice of India. Each of them got a Chevorlet spark car!! Moreover there was no elimination on this Friday. Instead it will happen today.

Also Soha Ali Khan and Sudhir Mishra who came as star guests gifted them goodies!

Here the videos of Star Voice of India - Nov 9

Enjoy! Belated Happy Diwali!



khazanaa said...

It is shocking to see Abhas eliminated. Truly the show is not worth watching.
The two remaining contestants are absolutely pathetic. They certainly did not deserve reaching this place. Now whosoever is crowned does not matter cause of the two finalists so far as singing is concerned ek paidal hai to ek langda hai. You must have gathered a lot of money your show started as talent hunt but is ending as money hunt. AS THEY SAY PAISA PHEK TAMASHA DEKH. SO ALSO PAISA PHEK CROWN LEJA. Pathetic absolutely.
If anyone deserved to reach the finals it was IRFAN AND ABHAS. Anyways Irfan already got opportunity for playback and now Abhas has been offered for three songs/movies. You cannot hold back true talent In coming year maximum two both Harshit and Ishmit will be forgotten and big flops. They will stand nowhere when it comes to real life singing.
I will also like to add here you may have seen the kind of remarks the two finalist contestants of yours got, someone openly and others in polite words have only specified how much inadequate their singing was. They are not even half of what Abhas and Irfan are. The song Mitwa was a total pain when sung by harshit and Alkaji rightly said that the song was better sung by ABHAS.
Truly your show has gone down the drain. IT STINKS
PLEASE if you have any bit of love for music and regard for talent PLEASE do not have voting pattern in the chhote ustad programme you have announced as kids of such tender age may not be able to survive such overlooking and ignoring of talent.

GARY said...

As a matter of fact, the showw ended with the elimination of Irfan and Toshi. If Ishmit and Harshit are Paidal and Langra, Abhaas looks like a lunatic, dances like an enuche and sings like an insect in the rainy night. he is certainly worse than the finalists, and deserverd to be spun off for ever, when he was shunted out while ago.

he needs to sit back and sing for a team of enuches, Lol.......

SL said...

Wonder why people comment if they do not know about class singing. If they call abhas's singing names they certainly are lunatics and do not know what singing and true talent is about. I believe it is because of such people only that Harshit and Ishmit have reached the finals. Anyway who can ever do anything about ignorant people and moreover jaan bujh kar eyes ears close kar lene walo ki to bhagwan bhi madad nahin kar sakta hai.