Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vidoes of 28th September

This week there is lot of thing to look forward in Amul Star Voice of India. First of all the four wild card participants were declared. Yes , it was five not four who were selected . Prantik, Priyani, Ashpreet and Toshi were selected by the judges and Abhaas came through the veto power of Jatin ji. I was somewhat disappointed with Mirande being not selected. She does have a good voice and was almost consistent and sang well in the wild card round. While Priayni has got lot of chances right from the beginning.
To be precise, Sumitra who got eliminated yesterday will also sang today along with other wild card entries who will sing before the Sawaariya team . Then the voting will began. Hmm...god knows what the

Videos of 28th Sep.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some gupshup about Star Voice of India !

Amul Star Voice of India seems to have been losing its magic. Rumor is that this week another popular contestant Sumitra is out !!! Most importantly the websites lines and telephone lines not working properly have raised grudges among quite a large number of viewers.
Moreover the Wild Card round neither helped in rising the TRPs as it clashed with the Indian Idol Grand Finale nor it satisfied the viewers by its " Judge bhi hai, vote bhi hai" format.
To hold its TRPs Gajji seems to have resorted in roping in more and more celebrities. Sources say that new talk of the town Ranbir Kapoor- Sonam Kapoor jodi of Sawaariya will come as star guests. Also Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy the terrific trio music directors will also reportedly come to the show in this week or the coming weeks.
Lets see if the janta of India will continue their love and their support for Star Voice of India

Result of last Poll:

Do you support Wild card entry?
Yes: 432 (87%)
No: 89(17%)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Star Voice of India singers met Lata Mangeshkar!

It was a dream come true for the top finalists of Amul Star Voice of India! They met the ultimate voice of india LATA MANGESHKAR!!!!

They went to her home along with Gajendraji to seek her blessings as well as some priceless tips from the melody queen herself. As I watched in some news channel Sumitra, Abhilasha , Md Irfan, Ishmeet, Harshit were all sitting on the floor in front of Lata while she is telling them about the importance of having training. Abhilasha sang the audition song " Tu chanda" , Harshit sang a song of Kishore Kumar; Ishmeet was too emotional to sing anything and just fell before her feet with tears in her eyes! Lata warned them that it was after they will sing their own songs that their true talent will be understood and its better that they continue their rewaz

Quiet obvious that everyone of them was nervous, excited and felt blessed.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Videos- Wild Card Round in Star Voice of India

Videos of Wild Card round of SVOI

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The wild card round was held yesterday in Amul Star Voice of India . It was meant to pave the way for two of the contestants to enter the Star Voice of India again .

The seven contestants who got the chance of singing once before the esteemed panel of jusges comprising of Khyyamji, Parvin Sultana, Anandji, Rabindra Jain were -
Prantik Sur, Prantika Mukherjee, Priyani Vani, Abhaas Joshi, Mirande Shah, Ashpreet Kaur and Toshi .
After the intial group performance, Priyani started the show singing "Honto pein aisi baat " from the film jewel thief. See the vidoes for the performances.

All the judges unanimously agreed that public voting is not the right way of searching talent. Khyyam saab, after the performance of Toshi, said quiet bitterly" Talent to dhundna public ka kaam nehi hai " ...Very true....:(

But this wild card entry in Amul Star Voice of India was not untouched by controversy . When the top five contestants were asked how they feel about this wild card entry Abhilasha and Harshit told unabashedly that it is not the right decision as it will create pressure on them and there should be only one format !! Well, their view is echoed by many viewers who think that it is unfair for Gajendra Singh to give more chance to the eliminated participants . After all only one format has to be maintained . Even if public is wrong in choosing their Voice of India their decision should be accepted since that has been the format from the beginning .
Hmmm.....they all have a point but again wild card entries happen in all talent shows. After all it is another way of making more money ! :(

Yesterday the judges chose four of the participants but their names will be declared on 28th Sep. fri episode. Out of the four two of them will be selected by public voting . Again voting !!?? Then what was point in bringing the judges ???
Please put your comments . Meanwhile I am trying to get some pictures of yesterday episode. :)

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Videos of 22nd Septemeber- Star Voice of India

So, Sanjay "munnabhai" Dutt came to Amul Star Voice of India as the star guest this week. He was , in his usual tapori style amused the contestants and audience by telling his funny experiences . This week every singer sang two songs - usually one is from Sanjay's film and the other from the films of Sunil Dutt and Nargisji. The shock of yesterday's episode came from Harshit - he forgot his lines not once or twice but thrice !!! At one point the judges started to sing to give him the cue! Poor Harshit! Tears were rolling down his cheeks after his performance, but I must say the judges were really sympathetic and encouraging :)

Video links of the Star Voice Of India 22 Sept.


Today on 23rd Sep., at 11 pm there will be the wild card round where the already eliminated will sing before all the masters of singers like Naushadji and others and two of them will be brought back. Now , today is the grand finale of Sony's Indian Idol ; Star and Sony really putting a stiff competition to each other ;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Star Voice Of India - 21st September

Hello friends! Yesterday in Amul Star Voice of India it was time to reminiscent of the yesteryears with Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor . The evergeen duo whose cute romance in films like Kabhie Kabhie etc. are still well remembered. The contetants were full of energy and so was the couple. Number of times Chintuji or his wife came on stage and danced with the singers.
But the biggest shock was waiting for us. Abhaas is OUT!! I could not beilieve it ! Abhaas, Sumitra and as usual Abhilaasha was in the Chakravaat and it was Abhaas who mesmerised everyone with his quawaali was declared to be eliminated. Even Jatin Pandit said that Abhaas should not be out clearly indicating that whoever might get eliminated , SVOI just needs Abhaas . Hmm, now when it is almost clear that there will be a participant who will enter through wild card entry , the competetion becomes stiffer . Who will be the one to reneter ?? Abhaas or Toshi ?? Future will tell us

I am sorry friends I could not get the video of the whole episode but I will post it as soon as I get it :(
Video links of 21st September


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

15th Septemeber videos - Amul Star Voice of India

Amul Star Voice of India and Zee tv's Saregamapa seems to have decided to give each other neck nad neck competition. They are going any length to draw the audience even if that means both shows end up doing episode on the same theme. On Saturday it was Ganesh Chaturthi and the theme in both Star Voice of India and Saregamapa was Marriage. There had been lots of drama, spoofs and hilarious comments, specially Abhaas the wonder boy seems to be too keen on getting married. :) And there is bad news for the deewanis of Harshit - the news leaked out that he is commited :(
Dont believe me ?! Watch out the videos

Videos of 15th Septemeber


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Friday, September 14, 2007

Star Voice Of India videos -14th September

Yesterday it was day of reuniting the families in Amul Star voice of India. :) Shabana Azmi , Ayesha Dharkar and Manish Acharya were the star guests of Star Voice of India and there is no point in guessing that it was Shabana who with her intelligence and grace took the spotlight.

SVOI witnessed some supercharged emotional moments as the theme of the show was family bonding. Proud parents of each contestant came on stage and said few lines about their children. Everyone got tears in their eyes when Harshit brought his grandma on stage . Everyone was laughing heartily when Abhas showed his first cloth that his grandmother made it for him; he always keeps it with him in any important work as a symbol of blessing from elders.

The most touch moment of the show was when two estranged brothers again reunited. Yes, I am talking about brother dup Jatin and Lalit. After the much talked about separation after Fanaa the brothers had been doing Amul Star Voice of India but they hardly set their eyes on each other. I dont want to spoil the mood , better watch it by yourself.

Video links of 14th September

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Video of 8th September Star Voice of India

Sorry friends , I am a little late in updating the blog of Amul Star Voice of India. Actually the net was not working yesterday.
On Saturday Isha Koppikkar was the khallas girl and unlike many of the other guests she made the remarks quiet intelligently and not just went on blabbing "you are very good"

The video links of Voice of India for the episode


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Friday, September 7, 2007

Video of 7th September Star Voice of India

Yesterday the new melody queen Shreya Ghosal was the guest of honour in Amul Star Voice of India. She looked beautiful in her skirt and there was a certain grace in her. She infact is the winner of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa some years ago. She encouraged the participants and most of them sang quiet good. Md. Irfan looked quiet funny in the Chunilal dress ..hehe...but he sang superb. Irfan gave us a info related to him and Shreya but I wont reveal it. :) You better watch in the video.

Video Links of SVOI

Even today Abhijeet said he cant accept the elimination of Toshi and constantly this stage reminds him of Toshi. All of you friends have already made a demand of making Toshi to return..Let's see if Gajjji listens to us. aToday's star guest will be Isha "Khallas " Kopikkar.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Will Toshi return in Star Voice of India??

There is a buzz that Toshi, whose elimination left everyone dumbfounded might be brought back as a wild card entry. The producer Ganjendra Singh who accompanied the talented singer to Ajmer Sharif Darga is speculating about it.
Toshi, the singer from Rajastan had been a favourite of the judges since the audition round where he sang "Piya re" . From then on he might be a little incosistent but still far better than few of the other contestants. When he was out, Kunal Ganjawala the guest of the show made a big protest about the voting format of the shows criticising that the public choose the performer over singer. Abhijeet , who always like to say his two cents in every matter was very vocal in this issue and he declared that Toshi being like his brother, son , nephew he would not let him to beg work but will make the music directors to work with him. Hmmmm.....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Video of 1st September-star Voice of India

In yesterday's episode of Amul Star Voice of India there was not one, not two, not three but Eleven star guests!! The "Chak De " girls from the recent blockbuster "Chak De India" came on the sets of the Star Voice of India. They just rocked ! Their energy, their vitality, their enthusiasm were a stark contrast to the last week's guests of Jimmy Shergill and others. While Gunjan showed her talent in dancing and whistling , Aliya Bose proved that she is not only a good hockey player but also a good singer ! But the catch of the show was Shaan's declaration that the coach, the real life hero will come on stage. Many of us thought that Shahrukh is going to come - but actually it was Negi!! Negi is the man on whose life the story of "Chak De India " is loosely based. Under his coaching Women's hockey team won golden medal in World Cup .

Of course he is a true real life hero ! We salute him but SVOI really made us a fool by making us think that reel life hero Shahrukh is going to come...hehehe..:)

Video links of 1st Sept.


The star of the show - MD. IRFAN !! He was just superb!

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