Friday, July 27, 2007

Videos of 27th & 28th July- Star Voice of India

increase in the popularity of SVOI

Video of 27th July

Part 1 july27thv1.wmv--55.56MB
Part 2 july27thv2.wmv--24.23MB
Part 3 july27thv3.wmv--18.23MB

Videos of 28th July

Part 1 july28thsv1.wmv
Part 2 july28thsv2.wmv
Part 3 july28thsv3.wmv

So the mahayudh had began among the Bemisaal Barah of Amul Star Voice of India!!

On 27th July, in the show Shaan looked cool with his pretty long hair!
I found that contrary to the reports Agni team comprising of Aadesh Srivastav and Lalit,instead of Jatin. Then comes the Prithvi team - but it was a broken team . Only Abhijeet came on stage and affirmed that Alka Yagnik WILL join the team after few days.!! thinks she must have gone for stage shows or something like that! Jatin Pandit is the neutral judge.

The guests were well known lyricist cum adman Prasoon Joshi, Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans ,music director Shantanu Moitra and Bhojpuri singer actor Manoj Tiwari. one by one they entered with three contestants with each of them. The contestants looked gorgeous with the makeover that had been done to them by Vikram Phadnis.

On 28th July,
as we have been alrady informed Anil Kapoor and Akshaye Kahnna had been the Star guest of this week's Amul Star Voice of India. The contestants gave a powerpacked performances making even Anil Kapoor singing a few lines!
Toshi and then Sumitra brought Anil on stage twice and made him sing a few lines. The contestants were divided into two groups today.

Ishmeet,Prantik,Irfaan,Abhilasha,Prantika,Priyani - in Prithvi TeamSumitra, Arshpreet, Mirande, Harshit, Abhaas in Agni team. So, now Priyani will be in ALka's Team ! That's good! Please say your comments about the performance of the contestants

For voting Hutch subsribers sms 505 7827 ID i.e each contestant get a number, type that number For eg, if someone's ID is 5 then type 505 7827 05
Bsnl subscribers sms 12 7827 ID eg. 12 7827 05
Anyone can sms VOI ID No to 7827 For eg, if someone's ID is 5 then type VOI 05 and send
Landline number dial 1862 424 7827 followed by the contestant’s voting ID
eg. 1862 424 7827 05

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anil Kapoor in Star Voice in India!

So , this weekend ie. on Saturday 28th of July Anil Kappor fans will be happy to see him in Amul Star Voice of India! Accompanying him will come Akshayye Khanna . It is going to be part of the promotional campaign for their film Gandhi my Father . This is the first film of his banner, Anil Kapoor Films'.

The guests were enthralled by Ishmeet singing "E ji O ji" from Ram Laxman . Anil was specially impressed as it reminded him of his early days. The wonder boy and girl Abhas and Abhilasha will sing the classic song "Kuch na Kaho" from 1942-Alove Story which is said to be a personal favourite of Anil Kapoor

The grapevine is that Toshi and Mirande will make Anil and Akshayye join the stage as they sing "Ramta Jogi" from the Anil -Akshayye starrer Taal. The others Prantik, Priyani, Sumitra, Irfan, Aspreet , Hasrshit, all of them rocked with their songs ranging from Key Sara Sara , Dhak Dhak .......

Anil and Akshayye had a good time , jigging and jiving and doing what they do best - Entertaining.

From this week voting starts - To vote through SMS is to type VOI 01/ 02/ 03 – 12 and send it to 7827 For eg: to vote for Toshi type: VOI space 11 and send it to 7827
To vote through LANDLINE dial 1862 424 7827 followed by the contestant’s voting ID: 01, 02, 03 -For eg: to vote for Aabhas dial: 1862 424 782705
But the voting line will be open from 27th July when Star Voice of India will be aired at 10pm (IST)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Voting Begins! Some news !

So, Amul Star voice of India reaches its final stage after lots of debate, controversy, allegation, fights and most importanty Great Music !!

Here are the bunch of talented and super talented singers whose fate will be decided by the people of India! Earlieer there ahd been controversies whether people vote the voices or the looks as many talented singers had been out of this talent hunt shows ! :( Lets see who becomes the Voice of India.
Here is the process you can vote your favourite Md. Irfan , Priyani, Sumitra,Thosi and others.

The 12 contestants will be divided into two groups : 6 in the Agni team headed by Aadesh Srivastav and Jatin Pandit (some say it will be Lalit Pandit?! well we will see it on 27th July) and the team of Alka Yagnik and Abhijeet Bhattacharya - Prithvi Team !! Didn't we hear that Alka is leaving ?! And here she is making team with Abhijeet!!!!!!! Aaa, everything changes in the glitter world in a blink of eye! By the way, I facny what will be the halat of the contestants of the Prithvi team sandwitched between the awesome two!!!
All that the viewers have to do to vote through SMS is to type VOI 01/ 02/ 03 – 12 and send it to 7827
For eg: to vote for Toshi type: VOI space 11 and send it to 7827

To vote through LANDLINE dial 1862 424 7827 followed by the contestant’s voting ID: 01, 02, 03 -
For eg: to vote for Aabhas dial: 1862 424 782705

But the voting line will be open from 27th July when Star Voice of India will be aired at 10pm (IST)
So everyone , ready, steady , grab your phones and start voting!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

DRAMA begins!!!(20th & 21st July)

21st July videos
July 20th Video
the selection of Bemisaal Bara from famous fourteen

The drama continues in Amul Star Voice of India having full of controversies.
The biggest controversy was about Sumitra and Priyani.

Priyani sang and was not at all upto the mark. But still she got 9 from each of the male judges!!! Even the judges admitted that she did not sing well but the marks are for her potential which they hoped will be proved later. dont agree absolutely.After all Star Voice of India is a contest to find the Kohinoor of India in the field of singing. It is not a platform to learn but to prove yourself just as Md. Irfan proved himself with his grand performance !!! Kudos to him!

Then comes Sumtira who sang a peppy number.Somehow I was not impressed but the judges were. The male judges just declared that she is through without even letting ALka to sayanything but may be she had nothing to say . Sumitra 's dance was better than her singing! This is my point of view.
The unlucky twos are Vipul and Arvind! I felt very bad for Vipul . I liked his performance and there he was only one point less than Ishmeet who got through . Only if , only if the judges were not so generous with Priyani and Sumitra!!!

So drama has started in Amul Star Voice of India!! The fight between the judges which is quiet common in Zee tv's Saa Re Ga Ma pa and also in Indian Idol is now in full form in Star voice of India also. :(

Star Plus has been putting the fight in the promos and there were lots of specualtions whether Alka Yagnik would leave the show or not. Well, well, it has not been answered yesterday and the suspense will be over today.

Yesterday, it was decided that every judge would give four names and those singers have to sing. First it was the turn of Aadesh Srivastav who wanted to hear Arvind from Himachal and Punjab da Puttar Ishmeet . Then comes Vipul as Lalit ji wanted to hear him. Mirande Shah of Gujarat put the stage on fire with her sizzling performance as Jatinji wanted to hear her .

Jatin was so impressed with her that he went to stage to congratulate her .As she bowed down to touch his feet, he said that he will give blessing in the modern way by kissing on her head. Then a funny incident happend between Abhijit and Jatin :) Heehee, these men are too much.

I wont say what happend. You people better watch it.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aa Dekhe Zara

Aa Dekhe Zara , Kisme kitna hai Dum! Jamke Rakhna kadam , O Saathiya!

This must be tune that everyone contestant of amul Satar Voice of India must be singing . Each one of them is a zabardast contestant and making the judges life really difficult with their performances. As Alka Yagnik admitted in the midst of one episode they are pulling hairs to decide whom to take and whom they should eliminate.

Here are some links to the videos of the JULY episodes .

14th July episode (Group D selection)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

JULY 13th (Group D selection)



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back again!!! Its Rocking!

Hello friends!

So I am back again ! Sorry for not updating you people about the fab show Amul Star Voice of India! I was a kind of busy with my tight work schedule :( But I never missed a single episode of Star Voice of India :) hehe...

The competetion is really toughening now , specially with these fab singers I understand the plight of the judges to chooose the best three!:( Infact it is proven fact that if a singer scores low in one episode doesnt mean that he/she is a poor singer ..It might be just one bad day! Previously Karishma kini and Sanchita and there are few more who performed supebly in the audition round failed to be upto the mark.

Anyways friends here are the links for the episodes from June

JUNE 15th video : Lucknow audition (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

June 16th Video :Selection of final 32

Shaan, Aadesh and Lalit in a press conference




June 22nd :Group A: Selection of 3

Opening Songs Of ASVOI By Five Judges and Shaan Introducing Contestants
kothra-220607-asvoi1.wmv - 5.17MB

Sumitra's Performance
kothra-220607-asvoi2.wmv - 5.31MB

Part - 2
Sumitra's Scores From Judges and Ishmeet's Performace and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi3.wmv - 8.37MB

Sayantani's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607- asvoi4.wmv - 5.04MB

Arvind's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi5.wmv - 7.79MB

Part - 3
Chaitanya's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi6.wmv - 4.30MB
Karishma's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi7.wmv - 3.41MB

Rohit's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi8.wmv - 3.72MB

Tanushree's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi9.wmv - 8.12MB

Part - 4
Final Results
kothra-220607-asvoi10.wmv - 9.02MB

June 23rd - Group A: Selection of 3

Part - 1

- Introduction By Shaan and Recap
kothra-230607-asvoi1.wmv - 5.85MB

- Tanushree's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi2.wmv - 5.45MB

- Karishma's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi3.wmv - 4.72MB

Part - 2
- Arvind's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi4.wmv - 6.39MB

- Sayantani Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi5.wmv - 5.56MB

- Rohit's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi6.wmv - 5.51MB

Part - 3
- Sumitra's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi7.wmv - 8.65MB

- Ishmeet's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi8.wmv - 4.88MB

Part - 4
- Final Results
kothra-230607-asvoi9.wmv - 15.01MB

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