Sunday, December 2, 2007

Abhaas- host of Star Voice of India Chote ustad

Abhaas is going to be the host for the Star voice of India Chote ustad series. This series in aimed in bringing up the talent of the younger people upto the age of 14. The judges of this show are Pritam, the famous music director, and singers Shreya Ghoshal and Kunal Ganjawala who are actually product of musical talent hunt by Gajendra Singh. The 12 young contestants of this show are Aishwarya Majumdar (Ahmedabad, 14 years); Anwesha Datta Gupta (Kolkata, 13 yrs); Gitashree Shil (Kolkata, 14 yrs); Manasi Bharadwaj (Delhi, 10 yrs); Vyom Kapoor (Delhi, 14 years); Jayant Singh (Indore, 13 yrs); Abeer Vaishnav (Bhopal, 8 years); Alpansh Banerjee (Indore, 13 years); Prakriti Giri (Darjeeling, 12 yrs); Shailey Bidwaikar ( Bhilai, 12 years); Soniya Sharma (Kurukshetra, 9 yrs) and Areeb Khan Niyazi (Rampur, 12 years).
The show has also started and is aired on Fri-Sat 10pm

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Star Voice of India Winner- Ishmeet

ISHMEET is the first AMUL STAR VOICE OF INDIA!! Yes, Ishmeet Singh Sodhi bagged the covetted SVOI trophy along with 3 yrs contract with Big music and a Chevorlet car this evening in the Grand Finale at the Andheri Sports complex Mumbai. Though Harshit was ahead in the votes of west, south and east zone the votes from the north zone made all the difference.
Here are some parts of the Grand Finale of Amul Star Voice of India. Also the Jury award went to Abhaas and Abhilasha won a special prize given by some trust.(oops I forgot the name!)

Videos of part of Star Voice of India - final
ALL the links of the whole episode


Congratulations Ishmeet and All the best to Harshit. :)

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Update for 23 Nov- Amul Star Voice of India

The Grand Finale of Amul Star Voice of India has begun! Today it will be decided who is the favorite of India- Ishmeet from Ludhiana or Harshit of Lucknow. The Bemisaal Barah of the Star Voice of India will perform in Mumbai. The queen of melody,Lata Mangeshkar and the queen of million hearts Madhuri Dixit will be present on the show. It is said that Lataji will give the two contestants diamon studded watch.
On Friday night, Bipasha, John, Vivek Agnihotri,the director of Dhandhan Goal and Boman Irani came on the SVOI to boost the morale of the two finalists.

Yesterday in Amul Star Voice of India, there were two teams :
Agni Team: Bipasha, Boman, Aadesh, Jatin and HarshitPrithvi Team: John, Vivek, Abhijeet, Alka and Ishmeet

While Harshit sang Ruth aagayi rey ,Rim Jhim..Rum Jham with Kavita Krishnamurty, Tera Jism odh loon with Kunal Ganjawala Ishmeet sang Woh Kisna hai, Aaj main upar with Kavitaji and Bheegay hont teray with Kunal Ganjawala. Even John comes on the stage and sang some lines in the song Tera Jism Odh loon! With Gayatri Iyer, both Ishmeet and Harshit sings "My dil goes umm".

In the grand finale, all the 12 finalists are going to come. Among the Bemisaal Baraah, Toshi has already sung for Salman Khan in an untitled film, Irfan has got chance in Mukesh Bhat's film, Abhaas has worked with Aadesh Srivastav and has also sang a jingle and Sumitra Iyer has sung for Rima Sen in the film Mere Khwabo Mein Jo Aaye.

Ishmeet has been honoured with the title of Young Sikh Star of Punjab by a NGO Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle. He will receive this honour at the Golden temple from the SDP President. he has already signed for Punjab's youth icon for Sonata watches Yuva range.

So get ready for the finals!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Videos of 17th November- SVOI

After Ludhiana it was Benaras in UP where Amul Star Voice of India went. The star guest of the show was Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishen. Both Ishmeet and Harshit rocked even though Ishmeet's voice looked a little tired.

Videos of 17th November, Star Voice of India

And here is a surprise! Star Plus has shown advertisements of Madhuri coming to Amul Star Voice of India next week!
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Videos of 16th Nov, Star voice of India

Now Amul Star Voice of India has reached it's final stages. The two finalists, Ishmeet and Harshit will perform in their hometown before the final on 24th Nov. On Friday it was the day of Ishmeet when performance was held in Ludhiana. On Saturday it will be the Ghats of Benaras i.e the show will be held in Allahabad, the hometown of Harshit.

Videos of 16th Nov, Star voice of India


Alternate links to downlaod video

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Abhas is Out ! 10 Nov videos

There were lots of rumors about who will be out this week in Amul Star Voice of India. While some said Harsheet many said Abhaas! And it was Abhaas who is out of the show Star Voice of India. The finalists are Ishmeet and Harshit. The star guests on this Saturday was Pakistani sufi singer Avida Sultana, Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar ji and Hema Malini. Here are the videos of Amul Star Voice of India Nov 10 episode. The first 15 mins is missing :(

Part 1 - Watch Online
Part 2 - Watch Online
Part 3 - Watch Online


Also I am sorry I forgot to update the 3rd Nov episode. Here are the videos of 3rd Nov. SVOI


Alternate links


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Video of 9 Nov- Starr voice of India

On this Diwali episode , Abhas ,Harshit and Ishmeet got a big bonanza gift from Amul Star Voice of India. Each of them got a Chevorlet spark car!! Moreover there was no elimination on this Friday. Instead it will happen today.

Also Soha Ali Khan and Sudhir Mishra who came as star guests gifted them goodies!

Here the videos of Star Voice of India - Nov 9

Enjoy! Belated Happy Diwali!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Video of 2nd Nov - toshi is out

Sorry for the late update. Actually I was not getting the videos of Amul Star Voice of India. Here is the shocker of the show- Toshi is OUT!!

Yes, it's the fact. Toshi is out. Abhash and Toshi were in the danger zone and Toshi has been eliminated. Everyone including the guests Salim-Suleiman and Sajid-Wajid were all shocked. And the irony is Toshi gave the best performance today. :(

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Irfan got chance in films

Good News for the Irfan fans! Soon after his elimination from Amul Star Voice of India, he got a call from Vishesh films, the production house of Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. He has been asked for the Emran Hashmi starrer Jannat.

Irfan can't believe his ears when he has called for the recording of an important track of the film.
Mukesh has been reportedly told that they found his voice 'the best' and so roped in for their film. Irfan is an engineer as his parents wanted him to be, but now he is pursuing his dreams of becoming a singer.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Irfan is out from Star voice of India

First of all a big sorry to all of you! Of late, I had been a busy a little with my work and could not update you about Amul Star Voice of India on time.Moreover some said that the links of 20th October were not working. I could not check all the links but the alternatives links were playing fine in my PC. Still, if someone could not watch it then I apologise for the inconvenience.

Now let's come back to this week. A real shock was waiting for us. IRFAN is out!!!! :(:( Now, now , Irfan who went till the top four before the wild card elimination, has to leave the show. And what a mindblowing performance he gave on Friday! I persoanlly feel it's time for Harshit to go as Harshit's voice seems like a clone of Kumar Shanu ! Sorry Harshit fans - but I said what I feel.

I did not get the videos of 26th October. I could not watch even the full show for the power cut in the mid of the show. Thank God I could watch Irfan's fantabulous "Tadap Tadap ke" from the Hum Dile De Chuke Sanam .Tomorrow I will give some pictures of the episodes.

On October 27th, Manoj Bajpai and Dia Mirza came on the sets of Star Voice of India to promote their film Dus Kahania. Let's watch the videos

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Video of 19th and 20th October- SVOI

Sorry friends! I could not upload the videos on time :) Actually this is the festive season and I did not touch my PC in these two days.HAPPY DUSSHERA & SUBHO BIJAYA to everyone. Of course, I did not miss to watch Amul Star Voice of India and this week we saw a shocking elimination! :( Priyani is OUT!!!

I won't reveal further. Let us watch the videos of 19th October - Star Voice of India


Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and Pankaj Udhaas were the star guests of the show who came to promote their new album "Yaari". While Toshi stole the show, Irfaan and Abhaas won everyone's heart with their qawaalis.

Videos of 20t October, 2007 - SVOI





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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Abhilasha is Out! - Video of SVOI

The Chakravat specialist Abhilasha V. ultimately could not survive the Chakravat anymore. She is out this week :-( The announcement that was to be made on Friday was done on Saturday. The Bhoolbhalya team left no stone unturned to promote their films. While Akshay and Vidya are in Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa finals , Shiney Ahuja came to Amul Star Voice of India.

Lets watch the video of 13th Oct- Star Voice of India


Enjoy !

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Rani on Star Voice of India

The "rani" of Bollywood Rani Mukherjee has been the star guest of Amul Star Voice of India. This is the first time that Rani came to any reality show and she made sure that everyone will remember it for a lifetime. Yesterday it was a two hour show where the participants sang in duet and got the chance to display their talent twice. The best performance was by Abhilasha- Priyani when they sang "Chalka Re" from Saathiya. Rani requested them to sing "Aise to Bhaiya" from Laga Chunari Mein Daag and herself went to the stage to make everyone dance to the tunes. Infact she made the judges and contestants rehearse for some time !!
Rani made a nice gesture by giving them idols of Sarawati to each of them. She also got a big surprise . Toshi and Ishmeet brought a big teddy bear to the stage!!!

Let me not reveal any further.Watch the videos yourself.
Video of 12 September in Star Voice of India

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Oct 6th Video - Star Voice of india

I am getting really disappointed with this show amul Star Voice of India :( I mean it promised so much of talent but they seemed to be all very inconsistent . There has been so much drama for the wild card entry but what did the wild card entries do ?? Only Abhaas could do justice to his inclusion .Both Priyani and Toshi sang dismally. I dont know what has happened to Toshi...He might not be well as it was evident from his looks. He just marred the song "Darde Disco" :) Anyways lets watch the vidoes

Watch Oct 6th Video


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Friday, October 5, 2007

Video of 5th October - Star Voice of India

I dont know what is happening with Amul Star Voice of India . The show that started with so much promise is going downhill with inconsistent performance and more inconsistent format . I think Gajji and Star cant decide how to generate the highest mullah out of this show. So they are bringing in judges and then they are putting as many participants as possible in the wild card entry to get revenues through sms . And after all this voting , instead of two they are taking three contestants back !!! Just because the difference of votes were very less!!!
Now, now what will happen to the final round ? After all one has to be the winner ! Even if that singer wins it by one vote !!!
I really dont know why the judges are so favourable of Priyani ?? While choosing of bemisaal barah the jusges chose her over Vishal ( ohh i forgot the boy's name ) inspite of her inconsistent performance. And now what ever happend yesterday was a perfect tamasha !! I am sorry Priyani fans but I dont approve whatever happened.

See it yourself.

Videos of 5th September Star Voice of India
Watch Oct 5th Video


Please give your opinions.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vidoes of 28th September

This week there is lot of thing to look forward in Amul Star Voice of India. First of all the four wild card participants were declared. Yes , it was five not four who were selected . Prantik, Priyani, Ashpreet and Toshi were selected by the judges and Abhaas came through the veto power of Jatin ji. I was somewhat disappointed with Mirande being not selected. She does have a good voice and was almost consistent and sang well in the wild card round. While Priayni has got lot of chances right from the beginning.
To be precise, Sumitra who got eliminated yesterday will also sang today along with other wild card entries who will sing before the Sawaariya team . Then the voting will began. Hmm...god knows what the

Videos of 28th Sep.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some gupshup about Star Voice of India !

Amul Star Voice of India seems to have been losing its magic. Rumor is that this week another popular contestant Sumitra is out !!! Most importantly the websites lines and telephone lines not working properly have raised grudges among quite a large number of viewers.
Moreover the Wild Card round neither helped in rising the TRPs as it clashed with the Indian Idol Grand Finale nor it satisfied the viewers by its " Judge bhi hai, vote bhi hai" format.
To hold its TRPs Gajji seems to have resorted in roping in more and more celebrities. Sources say that new talk of the town Ranbir Kapoor- Sonam Kapoor jodi of Sawaariya will come as star guests. Also Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy the terrific trio music directors will also reportedly come to the show in this week or the coming weeks.
Lets see if the janta of India will continue their love and their support for Star Voice of India

Result of last Poll:

Do you support Wild card entry?
Yes: 432 (87%)
No: 89(17%)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Star Voice of India singers met Lata Mangeshkar!

It was a dream come true for the top finalists of Amul Star Voice of India! They met the ultimate voice of india LATA MANGESHKAR!!!!

They went to her home along with Gajendraji to seek her blessings as well as some priceless tips from the melody queen herself. As I watched in some news channel Sumitra, Abhilasha , Md Irfan, Ishmeet, Harshit were all sitting on the floor in front of Lata while she is telling them about the importance of having training. Abhilasha sang the audition song " Tu chanda" , Harshit sang a song of Kishore Kumar; Ishmeet was too emotional to sing anything and just fell before her feet with tears in her eyes! Lata warned them that it was after they will sing their own songs that their true talent will be understood and its better that they continue their rewaz

Quiet obvious that everyone of them was nervous, excited and felt blessed.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Videos- Wild Card Round in Star Voice of India

Videos of Wild Card round of SVOI

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The wild card round was held yesterday in Amul Star Voice of India . It was meant to pave the way for two of the contestants to enter the Star Voice of India again .

The seven contestants who got the chance of singing once before the esteemed panel of jusges comprising of Khyyamji, Parvin Sultana, Anandji, Rabindra Jain were -
Prantik Sur, Prantika Mukherjee, Priyani Vani, Abhaas Joshi, Mirande Shah, Ashpreet Kaur and Toshi .
After the intial group performance, Priyani started the show singing "Honto pein aisi baat " from the film jewel thief. See the vidoes for the performances.

All the judges unanimously agreed that public voting is not the right way of searching talent. Khyyam saab, after the performance of Toshi, said quiet bitterly" Talent to dhundna public ka kaam nehi hai " ...Very true....:(

But this wild card entry in Amul Star Voice of India was not untouched by controversy . When the top five contestants were asked how they feel about this wild card entry Abhilasha and Harshit told unabashedly that it is not the right decision as it will create pressure on them and there should be only one format !! Well, their view is echoed by many viewers who think that it is unfair for Gajendra Singh to give more chance to the eliminated participants . After all only one format has to be maintained . Even if public is wrong in choosing their Voice of India their decision should be accepted since that has been the format from the beginning .
Hmmm.....they all have a point but again wild card entries happen in all talent shows. After all it is another way of making more money ! :(

Yesterday the judges chose four of the participants but their names will be declared on 28th Sep. fri episode. Out of the four two of them will be selected by public voting . Again voting !!?? Then what was point in bringing the judges ???
Please put your comments . Meanwhile I am trying to get some pictures of yesterday episode. :)

video source : smallwonder from

Videos of 22nd Septemeber- Star Voice of India

So, Sanjay "munnabhai" Dutt came to Amul Star Voice of India as the star guest this week. He was , in his usual tapori style amused the contestants and audience by telling his funny experiences . This week every singer sang two songs - usually one is from Sanjay's film and the other from the films of Sunil Dutt and Nargisji. The shock of yesterday's episode came from Harshit - he forgot his lines not once or twice but thrice !!! At one point the judges started to sing to give him the cue! Poor Harshit! Tears were rolling down his cheeks after his performance, but I must say the judges were really sympathetic and encouraging :)

Video links of the Star Voice Of India 22 Sept.


Today on 23rd Sep., at 11 pm there will be the wild card round where the already eliminated will sing before all the masters of singers like Naushadji and others and two of them will be brought back. Now , today is the grand finale of Sony's Indian Idol ; Star and Sony really putting a stiff competition to each other ;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Star Voice Of India - 21st September

Hello friends! Yesterday in Amul Star Voice of India it was time to reminiscent of the yesteryears with Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor . The evergeen duo whose cute romance in films like Kabhie Kabhie etc. are still well remembered. The contetants were full of energy and so was the couple. Number of times Chintuji or his wife came on stage and danced with the singers.
But the biggest shock was waiting for us. Abhaas is OUT!! I could not beilieve it ! Abhaas, Sumitra and as usual Abhilaasha was in the Chakravaat and it was Abhaas who mesmerised everyone with his quawaali was declared to be eliminated. Even Jatin Pandit said that Abhaas should not be out clearly indicating that whoever might get eliminated , SVOI just needs Abhaas . Hmm, now when it is almost clear that there will be a participant who will enter through wild card entry , the competetion becomes stiffer . Who will be the one to reneter ?? Abhaas or Toshi ?? Future will tell us

I am sorry friends I could not get the video of the whole episode but I will post it as soon as I get it :(
Video links of 21st September


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Sunday, September 16, 2007

15th Septemeber videos - Amul Star Voice of India

Amul Star Voice of India and Zee tv's Saregamapa seems to have decided to give each other neck nad neck competition. They are going any length to draw the audience even if that means both shows end up doing episode on the same theme. On Saturday it was Ganesh Chaturthi and the theme in both Star Voice of India and Saregamapa was Marriage. There had been lots of drama, spoofs and hilarious comments, specially Abhaas the wonder boy seems to be too keen on getting married. :) And there is bad news for the deewanis of Harshit - the news leaked out that he is commited :(
Dont believe me ?! Watch out the videos

Videos of 15th Septemeber


Alternative zshare links:

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Star Voice Of India videos -14th September

Yesterday it was day of reuniting the families in Amul Star voice of India. :) Shabana Azmi , Ayesha Dharkar and Manish Acharya were the star guests of Star Voice of India and there is no point in guessing that it was Shabana who with her intelligence and grace took the spotlight.

SVOI witnessed some supercharged emotional moments as the theme of the show was family bonding. Proud parents of each contestant came on stage and said few lines about their children. Everyone got tears in their eyes when Harshit brought his grandma on stage . Everyone was laughing heartily when Abhas showed his first cloth that his grandmother made it for him; he always keeps it with him in any important work as a symbol of blessing from elders.

The most touch moment of the show was when two estranged brothers again reunited. Yes, I am talking about brother dup Jatin and Lalit. After the much talked about separation after Fanaa the brothers had been doing Amul Star Voice of India but they hardly set their eyes on each other. I dont want to spoil the mood , better watch it by yourself.

Video links of 14th September

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Video of 8th September Star Voice of India

Sorry friends , I am a little late in updating the blog of Amul Star Voice of India. Actually the net was not working yesterday.
On Saturday Isha Koppikkar was the khallas girl and unlike many of the other guests she made the remarks quiet intelligently and not just went on blabbing "you are very good"

The video links of Voice of India for the episode


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Friday, September 7, 2007

Video of 7th September Star Voice of India

Yesterday the new melody queen Shreya Ghosal was the guest of honour in Amul Star Voice of India. She looked beautiful in her skirt and there was a certain grace in her. She infact is the winner of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa some years ago. She encouraged the participants and most of them sang quiet good. Md. Irfan looked quiet funny in the Chunilal dress ..hehe...but he sang superb. Irfan gave us a info related to him and Shreya but I wont reveal it. :) You better watch in the video.

Video Links of SVOI

Even today Abhijeet said he cant accept the elimination of Toshi and constantly this stage reminds him of Toshi. All of you friends have already made a demand of making Toshi to return..Let's see if Gajjji listens to us. aToday's star guest will be Isha "Khallas " Kopikkar.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Will Toshi return in Star Voice of India??

There is a buzz that Toshi, whose elimination left everyone dumbfounded might be brought back as a wild card entry. The producer Ganjendra Singh who accompanied the talented singer to Ajmer Sharif Darga is speculating about it.
Toshi, the singer from Rajastan had been a favourite of the judges since the audition round where he sang "Piya re" . From then on he might be a little incosistent but still far better than few of the other contestants. When he was out, Kunal Ganjawala the guest of the show made a big protest about the voting format of the shows criticising that the public choose the performer over singer. Abhijeet , who always like to say his two cents in every matter was very vocal in this issue and he declared that Toshi being like his brother, son , nephew he would not let him to beg work but will make the music directors to work with him. Hmmmm.....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Video of 1st September-star Voice of India

In yesterday's episode of Amul Star Voice of India there was not one, not two, not three but Eleven star guests!! The "Chak De " girls from the recent blockbuster "Chak De India" came on the sets of the Star Voice of India. They just rocked ! Their energy, their vitality, their enthusiasm were a stark contrast to the last week's guests of Jimmy Shergill and others. While Gunjan showed her talent in dancing and whistling , Aliya Bose proved that she is not only a good hockey player but also a good singer ! But the catch of the show was Shaan's declaration that the coach, the real life hero will come on stage. Many of us thought that Shahrukh is going to come - but actually it was Negi!! Negi is the man on whose life the story of "Chak De India " is loosely based. Under his coaching Women's hockey team won golden medal in World Cup .

Of course he is a true real life hero ! We salute him but SVOI really made us a fool by making us think that reel life hero Shahrukh is going to come...hehehe..:)

Video links of 1st Sept.


The star of the show - MD. IRFAN !! He was just superb!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Video of 31st August - Star Voice of India

Today's episode in Amul Star Voice of India showed some tear jerkers scenes ( i dont know if I could put it in the right way!) The judges, contestants and even the producer Gajendra Singh himself had been shedding tears after the elimination of one of the top favourite contestant! Really, no one really anticipated that he will be out; infact everyone got a big shock when four of them stood in the Chakravat . And the way everyone reacted after the elimination .....!!!!! Well, dunno if they were glycerine or not but undoubtedly the show can be termed as Star Drama of India considering the constant bickering between the judges and the overtly emotional speeches by others.

This week's star guest was Kunal Ganjawala and it was nice to see that he gave some honest remarks about the performances. He repeatedly emphasised that true judgement could be done by the judges and with these voting format the best cant be chosen. Incidentally he was a winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa some years ago when it was produced by Gajendra Singh.

Videos of 31st August

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Video of 25th August - Star Voice of India

Jatin-lalit with their sisters
Sorry friends! I could not upload the video of Amul Star Voice of India earlier. I was stuck with some work. :(
The theme of the show was Rakhi and we saw some really emotional scenes when the brother/sister of the contestants , even the three sisters of Jatin- Lalit and brother of Alka came on show.

But the best moment of the show was when Abhijeet got a very special gift from a very special person. Who was it? What was it ? Let's watch the video .
Video link of 25th August
Also here the links to the videos of the performance of Harshit,Priyani , Arshpreet on 24th August. I could not get the whole video :(

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Update of 24th August-Star Voice Of India

Sorry friends! This week I could not get the links of the videos of Amul Star Voice of India!:( So I am giving a written update of this week's contest . By the way I got the link of the video of the thursday episode when all the pardey je pichey baatein of SVOI is shown. Here is the link

Update of 24th August.
The show starts with Shaan welcoming everyone and then welcomes the diva of Hindi film music Sunidhi Chauhan! Sunidhi looked stylish in her blue skirt and black sleevless top. She starts the show with "Mindblowing mahiya".... she is really very wonderful singer and sang well too this time . Sunidhi too started her career in a musical contest "Meri Awaj Suno " and she reminiscence that she was only 11-12 years old and others were around 20 and still she won the contest!!!

The contest stars with the Agni team's Mirande.
She sang main saat samunder dol gaya from film Chameli sung originally by Sunidhi
Sunidhi said u did well aaramse gaya... Lalit says she is in danger zone!

Irfan from Prithvi sang Ishq jab had se from the movie Kaante sung originally by Sunidhi,Anand Raj Anand.
Sunidhi says - 'accha gaya.... treat every song as ur first and last song...tht works..'
Ishmeet comes and talks about Irfaan and praises him. Irfan was safe

Wonder boy Abhas sang Soniye from the movie Aksar originally sung by Kay kay, sunidhi . Abahas befor singing dedicated the song to all the beautiful girls and to mentors Alka and Sunidhi.
Sunidhi said bahot accha gaya.... but he should be careful about his low notes because ispe sab maar khate hain... it should be audible.
Aadesh asks Abhas if he likes to know the result from Sunidhi or not. The boy went to her and she declared that he is safe :) Abhash kissed her hand ! IMO . Sunidhi was embarrased but she kept laughing. Alka teasingly said we thought him to be child ; Abash replied that he wants to prove he has grown up and not a baccha ! was sweet.

Next comes Priyani from Prithvi team and sang Meri jindagi me ajnabee from movie Ajnabee
Original singers were kumar sanu, sunidhi chauhan
Sunidhi said bahot accha laga... aapne apne scale ke heesab se high note me gaya so it was heard a little would be have been a little smooth.
Priyani had gone to her home town.... so they shown the reaction of people praising her.

Next turn is of Harshit . Toshi comes to leave him to stage and praise him
Harshit sang Mast title from the movie - Mast . He sang really mast and after some time he takes Sunidhi to stage where she sings along with him in a mast manner. she did nt comment.... nothing to comment after her performance .
A girl from the audience seemed desperate to say something. When mike was given to her she said "Harsheet , you are the best" Harsheet blushed and thanked her shyly. The girl says that everyone from SNDT girls college is voting for him!

Abhialasha started singing only after Alka stood by her. She sang Mehboob mere from film fiza originally sung by Sunidhi .
Sunidhi said bahot accha gaya sur me gaya.... jatin said alkaji ka waha rehne ka asar hain... alka says she is back. but she was in chakrabaat and abhijeet tears the card.

Toshi comes on stage accompanied by Harshit. He sang Saki saki from the movie Musafir
originally sung by Sukhwinder singh . Sunidhi sings two lines i.e. the female part
Sunidhi said bahot accha gaya.... lekin thoda controlled harkatein kare to aapka gaana aur accha lagega . All girls cheering for once more.... he also went to his home.... AV is shown about him too

Ishmeet sang yeh dil from filmDil Mange More. Original Singer were- Sonu nigam, sunidhi
Sunidhi hugs him and he presents rose to her .sunidhi says bahot man se gaya aapne... u did well and thank u for rose

Arshpreet sang tere ishq ki from the film Kucch to hain sung Kay kay,
Sunidhi bahot accha gaya... mast hoke gaya.... her father has come. He came on stage and hugged her.

Sumitra of Agni performed famous beedi jalailye from omkara .Everyone knows its sung by Sunidhi.
Sunidhi said yeh hui na koi baat... she said u made me happy... she told by singing what she liked.
Later, Ishmeet , Arshpreet and Sumitra came on stage. The contestant themselves declared their results. Arshpreet, Sumitra were in danger zone. OMG! All the beautiful women are in Chakravaat.

Sunidhi said that i m shocked to see all the four contestants unsafe and i would vote them.... i say sunidhi aaj sumitra me kya accha dekha Jatin says koi bhi eliminate hoga to mujhe lagega jaise apna baccha boarding school jaa raha hain.... i would be very unhappy

Sunidhi announces results.Amongst the chakrawaat contestants.
Abhilasha gets highest votes ; Sumitra is second highest ; Mirande is third
Arshpreet is eliminated today . Best of luck to her

Abhijeet said her performance was always 20 never 19/20.... she fought with contest weather everything and was very consistent and she was the only one...
Aadesh said she never did drama .
Arshpreet says... aaj koi bhi eliminate hota to dukh hota hi.... aage prove karke dikhaungi....
She sings finally "nim samajh gayi"

In between, I was just wondering is there anything between Arshpreet and Harshit? In the previous episodes when the contestant were saying about their crushes Irfan and Prantika told that she is in love and it happened within last few days. Arshpreet said she likes the guy but should not call it love. whenever Harshit came on stage camera focused on her and vice versa. Even when she got eliminated Harshit was shown absent mindedly playing with his band in hand. Hmmmmmm.........;)

anyways I hope I could give a glimpse of what happened in Star Voice of India I will give the link when I will get it.

source : kabhi_21 of

Friday, August 17, 2007

Videos of Star Voice of India-17th August

Hello friends! Here I am with a brand new episode of Amul Star Voice of India. In last episode the celebrity judge was charismatic young handsome Sonu Nigam. As he entered the show Shaan congratualted him of being a proud father. Sonu's health was not well as it was reflected fromhis sore throat. He told that it was after seven and a half years that he is again working with Gajendra Singh, the producer of Star Voice of India. We knew it dear- he was the host of former Zee tv's Saregama which was produced by Gajendra Singh.
The singers were all dressed in Red and White. I must say that their costumes were better than the previous episodes! Priyani, Toshi, Prantik and Irfan were among the bottom four! Hmmmm...... The highlight of the day - Harshit's song and Priyani admitting that she had a huge crush on Sonu when she was young :) Well, Sonu promised that he would do the kanyadaan when Priyani will get married :) So, who got eliminated ? Let's find out.
Video links of 17th august

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Indian Independence Special - Star Voice of India

Amul Star Voice of India hosted a special episode on 14th August (11pm IST) celebrating 60th year of Indian Independence.

The show starts with the boys singing "Maa Tujhe Salaam"... They are joined by Shaan and then the girls... A nice start to the Independence Day episode. All of them looked absolutely glamourous wearing white dresses with tricolor in it. The girls dressed themselves according to different dress codes of different regions of India. Shaan was joined by Juhi 'kumkum' Parmar to host the show.

NCC cadets, the families of armymen, freedom fighters were part of the audience. In between the performances of the Bemisaal baraah they were speaking with the families / Abhaas spoke with a lady who lost her husband in 1971 as his husband was part of Indian Navy but she did not lose strength and brought up her children single handedly and has allowed them to join Indian Navy! :) Kudos to all the mothers and wives whose sacrifices are as important as the soldiers !

The guests who came in Star Voice of India and sang along the contestant were Roop Kumar Rathod, Sunidhi Chauhan and Hariharan.

At one point they show what independence meant to everyone and people of different age spoke their minds. It was fun to watch the children saying that eating chocolates without and restrictions Some say having school just once a week while some wanting equality for everyone - with no distinction between rich and the poor. Hmmmm!

Lets watch the video !

source :sadaf of

Friday, August 10, 2007

Videos of 10th & 11th august Star voice of India

Hello Friends! So here is another brand new episode of Amul Star Voice of India . And hey! There is a good news ! Alka Yagnik has returned ! The producer Gajendra Sing himself took her on stage. Alka gave all the credit to the Bemisaal Barah contestant for making her to come back on stage! Well, well we will have some more fun watching the funny and not-so-funny jokes of AY and AB :)

Today was the elimination round and one of the contestant was out. I wont tell who.You better watch it.

Videos of 10th august

Videos of 11th august
In today's epsiode Jagjit Singh was the guest. And the theme was first love ! The contestant told about their first crushes. :) The scene of the day - Alka comes on stage and hugs Priyani after her beautiful singing. Priyani was overwhelmed.
source: sadaf of

Friday, August 3, 2007

Videos of 3rd & 4th August - Star voice of India

Hello friends! Here I am with the update of our favourite musical talent hunt show Amul Star Voice of India. This week SVOI celebrated the birth anniversary of Kishore Kumar. His two sons, known singer Amit Kumar and young Sumit Kumar were the star guest of the show.
This friday, one of the contestant was supposed to be eliminated. And guess what! The four of them who got into danger zone were Abhaas( oh my god!), Ashpreet (can't the people hear her beautiful voice? ) , Prantik and Prantika!! But as they say all's well that ends well because the judges did not make elimination in the episode of celebration of legendary singer Kishore Kumar.

Another bad news for all Ishmeet fans- he is sick and has been hospitalised.:( He is said to have stomach pain and clippings were shown where he is taken to hospital. Hope he is well. :)

Video links of 3rd August

Music Bug seems to have bitten Govinda! First he was in Indian Idol entertaining and giving gyan to people. And now he is in Amul Star Voice of India. Here too, he danced on the tunes of wonder boy Abhaas and guess what!!Our very own Chichi Bhaiya sang too! To be precise he showed his talent in music by humming few lines of a classical song even though he blushingly apologised for it :) C'mmn Govinda, u dont need to say sorry because if you had been an singer then many male singers would have been sorry state today.

Video links of 4th August(please dnt download video , this is for only to watch online)


The scene of the day in Star Voice of India was the singing of Ishmeet even though he looked so sick. Kudos to the Punjab ka Puttar!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lata Mangeshkar in Star Voice of India??!!

Latest grapevine is that melody Queen Lata Mangeshkar will be seen on Amul Star Voice Of India show in its final round.
The singer who is said to be the greatest of all the playback singers India has ever got , has been always reluctant to appear on shows. Till now she as appeared on only one show Meri Awaaz Suno many years back which she even co produced. That show found the talent of Sunidhi Chauhan who was only a teenager at that time.
Insiders say Lata had been ready to come to Star Voice of India after her sister and arch rival Asha Bhosle appeared on Zee tv's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa sometime ago. It is said that the family had convinced her to be present at the show. The producer of Amul Star Voice of India is reported to be delighted by the melody queen's decision as well as that she has praised the presence of quality singers in SVOI.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Videos of 27th & 28th July- Star Voice of India

increase in the popularity of SVOI

Video of 27th July

Part 1 july27thv1.wmv--55.56MB
Part 2 july27thv2.wmv--24.23MB
Part 3 july27thv3.wmv--18.23MB

Videos of 28th July

Part 1 july28thsv1.wmv
Part 2 july28thsv2.wmv
Part 3 july28thsv3.wmv

So the mahayudh had began among the Bemisaal Barah of Amul Star Voice of India!!

On 27th July, in the show Shaan looked cool with his pretty long hair!
I found that contrary to the reports Agni team comprising of Aadesh Srivastav and Lalit,instead of Jatin. Then comes the Prithvi team - but it was a broken team . Only Abhijeet came on stage and affirmed that Alka Yagnik WILL join the team after few days.!! thinks she must have gone for stage shows or something like that! Jatin Pandit is the neutral judge.

The guests were well known lyricist cum adman Prasoon Joshi, Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans ,music director Shantanu Moitra and Bhojpuri singer actor Manoj Tiwari. one by one they entered with three contestants with each of them. The contestants looked gorgeous with the makeover that had been done to them by Vikram Phadnis.

On 28th July,
as we have been alrady informed Anil Kapoor and Akshaye Kahnna had been the Star guest of this week's Amul Star Voice of India. The contestants gave a powerpacked performances making even Anil Kapoor singing a few lines!
Toshi and then Sumitra brought Anil on stage twice and made him sing a few lines. The contestants were divided into two groups today.

Ishmeet,Prantik,Irfaan,Abhilasha,Prantika,Priyani - in Prithvi TeamSumitra, Arshpreet, Mirande, Harshit, Abhaas in Agni team. So, now Priyani will be in ALka's Team ! That's good! Please say your comments about the performance of the contestants

For voting Hutch subsribers sms 505 7827 ID i.e each contestant get a number, type that number For eg, if someone's ID is 5 then type 505 7827 05
Bsnl subscribers sms 12 7827 ID eg. 12 7827 05
Anyone can sms VOI ID No to 7827 For eg, if someone's ID is 5 then type VOI 05 and send
Landline number dial 1862 424 7827 followed by the contestant’s voting ID
eg. 1862 424 7827 05

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anil Kapoor in Star Voice in India!

So , this weekend ie. on Saturday 28th of July Anil Kappor fans will be happy to see him in Amul Star Voice of India! Accompanying him will come Akshayye Khanna . It is going to be part of the promotional campaign for their film Gandhi my Father . This is the first film of his banner, Anil Kapoor Films'.

The guests were enthralled by Ishmeet singing "E ji O ji" from Ram Laxman . Anil was specially impressed as it reminded him of his early days. The wonder boy and girl Abhas and Abhilasha will sing the classic song "Kuch na Kaho" from 1942-Alove Story which is said to be a personal favourite of Anil Kapoor

The grapevine is that Toshi and Mirande will make Anil and Akshayye join the stage as they sing "Ramta Jogi" from the Anil -Akshayye starrer Taal. The others Prantik, Priyani, Sumitra, Irfan, Aspreet , Hasrshit, all of them rocked with their songs ranging from Key Sara Sara , Dhak Dhak .......

Anil and Akshayye had a good time , jigging and jiving and doing what they do best - Entertaining.

From this week voting starts - To vote through SMS is to type VOI 01/ 02/ 03 – 12 and send it to 7827 For eg: to vote for Toshi type: VOI space 11 and send it to 7827
To vote through LANDLINE dial 1862 424 7827 followed by the contestant’s voting ID: 01, 02, 03 -For eg: to vote for Aabhas dial: 1862 424 782705
But the voting line will be open from 27th July when Star Voice of India will be aired at 10pm (IST)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Voting Begins! Some news !

So, Amul Star voice of India reaches its final stage after lots of debate, controversy, allegation, fights and most importanty Great Music !!

Here are the bunch of talented and super talented singers whose fate will be decided by the people of India! Earlieer there ahd been controversies whether people vote the voices or the looks as many talented singers had been out of this talent hunt shows ! :( Lets see who becomes the Voice of India.
Here is the process you can vote your favourite Md. Irfan , Priyani, Sumitra,Thosi and others.

The 12 contestants will be divided into two groups : 6 in the Agni team headed by Aadesh Srivastav and Jatin Pandit (some say it will be Lalit Pandit?! well we will see it on 27th July) and the team of Alka Yagnik and Abhijeet Bhattacharya - Prithvi Team !! Didn't we hear that Alka is leaving ?! And here she is making team with Abhijeet!!!!!!! Aaa, everything changes in the glitter world in a blink of eye! By the way, I facny what will be the halat of the contestants of the Prithvi team sandwitched between the awesome two!!!
All that the viewers have to do to vote through SMS is to type VOI 01/ 02/ 03 – 12 and send it to 7827
For eg: to vote for Toshi type: VOI space 11 and send it to 7827

To vote through LANDLINE dial 1862 424 7827 followed by the contestant’s voting ID: 01, 02, 03 -
For eg: to vote for Aabhas dial: 1862 424 782705

But the voting line will be open from 27th July when Star Voice of India will be aired at 10pm (IST)
So everyone , ready, steady , grab your phones and start voting!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

DRAMA begins!!!(20th & 21st July)

21st July videos
July 20th Video
the selection of Bemisaal Bara from famous fourteen

The drama continues in Amul Star Voice of India having full of controversies.
The biggest controversy was about Sumitra and Priyani.

Priyani sang and was not at all upto the mark. But still she got 9 from each of the male judges!!! Even the judges admitted that she did not sing well but the marks are for her potential which they hoped will be proved later. dont agree absolutely.After all Star Voice of India is a contest to find the Kohinoor of India in the field of singing. It is not a platform to learn but to prove yourself just as Md. Irfan proved himself with his grand performance !!! Kudos to him!

Then comes Sumtira who sang a peppy number.Somehow I was not impressed but the judges were. The male judges just declared that she is through without even letting ALka to sayanything but may be she had nothing to say . Sumitra 's dance was better than her singing! This is my point of view.
The unlucky twos are Vipul and Arvind! I felt very bad for Vipul . I liked his performance and there he was only one point less than Ishmeet who got through . Only if , only if the judges were not so generous with Priyani and Sumitra!!!

So drama has started in Amul Star Voice of India!! The fight between the judges which is quiet common in Zee tv's Saa Re Ga Ma pa and also in Indian Idol is now in full form in Star voice of India also. :(

Star Plus has been putting the fight in the promos and there were lots of specualtions whether Alka Yagnik would leave the show or not. Well, well, it has not been answered yesterday and the suspense will be over today.

Yesterday, it was decided that every judge would give four names and those singers have to sing. First it was the turn of Aadesh Srivastav who wanted to hear Arvind from Himachal and Punjab da Puttar Ishmeet . Then comes Vipul as Lalit ji wanted to hear him. Mirande Shah of Gujarat put the stage on fire with her sizzling performance as Jatinji wanted to hear her .

Jatin was so impressed with her that he went to stage to congratulate her .As she bowed down to touch his feet, he said that he will give blessing in the modern way by kissing on her head. Then a funny incident happend between Abhijit and Jatin :) Heehee, these men are too much.

I wont say what happend. You people better watch it.
source: kothra