Sunday, October 7, 2007

Oct 6th Video - Star Voice of india

I am getting really disappointed with this show amul Star Voice of India :( I mean it promised so much of talent but they seemed to be all very inconsistent . There has been so much drama for the wild card entry but what did the wild card entries do ?? Only Abhaas could do justice to his inclusion .Both Priyani and Toshi sang dismally. I dont know what has happened to Toshi...He might not be well as it was evident from his looks. He just marred the song "Darde Disco" :) Anyways lets watch the vidoes

Watch Oct 6th Video


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vijaya said...

Mr.Gajendra Singh, the 5 judges and Shaan and also to the public who watch Amul Star Voice of India. Sumitra was eliminated but from the episode of 6th October, you can see how a versatile singer she is. She has been consistently singing very well any types of songs. Thejudges should have used Veto power to reinstate her. Then it would have been a healthy competition. Whereas Priyani and Abhaas don't deserve to be in. I request the judges to continue with Sumitra, Irfan, Ishmeet, Toshi, Harshit (Abhilasha must also be eliminated). 5 episodes should be there and the judges must be called from outside. Till the end of the 5th episode, the results must not be disclosed. Total of all the 5 episodes must be taken and the results must be announced. I would once again request the judges to act accordingly. Then only will we get the actual VOICE OF INDIA.

UP said...

This whole show is such a joke. I can't believe this same team was responsible for the Saregama shows over the years. The judges are a bunch of jokers, the producer has lost it, once he broke his links with Zee and the format sucks. On one hand you ask Public to spend money and vote and then you blame the same public for not making the right choice. So you change the format in between to accommodate the eliminated signers and again you use the same public's money by asking them to vote.

Man, this channel and program sucks. If you want to see talent, watch the 3 finalist of Saregamapa 2007. They rock.

Shiplu said...

well said up
this program really sucks!
watch out sa re ga ma pa challengers, then the judges will know....what actually talent is!

shankar said...


I have been an ardent viewer of Amul Star Voice of India but the last episode reaffirmed the observation of the viewers that these reality shows are not talent shows but a gateway for the promotion of the mobile companies.It is a platform which has witnessed mockery of the rules,manipulation by a panel of judges in connivance with the show organizers and waste of public money.
Can Shri Gajendra Singh and his panel of 5 judges explain to the viewers their compulsions which is making them bend the rules of the game from time to time? What is the sanctity of the rules framed initially if the same are modified to suit certain participants? If sympathy and tear shedding tactics are going to strengthen one’s position in the top five or so, there will be quite a few singers working in bars or living a moderate living and desperately dreaming to become play back singers?
Secondly, if time and again the panel of judges is questioning the public’s ability to make right choices and exercising their powers to call back the eliminated participants , supported by feeble unconvincing explanations, why in the first place you empowered the public? (To ensure the prosperity of mobile companies or to provide for fat payments to judges?) and then the public is again asked to bring back the participants through their votes. It is as good as floating a fraud company where the innocent investors are cheated.
In fact, by making the public choose a candidate of their choice through SMSing, you are creating regional groupism instead of promoting national integration.
Please have a relook at the direction in which the Voice of India is drifting so that all of us do not have to witness a day when the programme TRP would have gone down so much that the “Voice of India “would get muffled.

shankar said...


I have been an ardent viewer of Amul Star Voice of India till the last episode where there has been a mockery of rules, politics by the 5 panel of judges and negation of public time, money and vote.
To explain
(1) Yes, the rules framed at the initial stage were not right, full power should not have gone to the public, but 50 percent should have remained with the judges, to ensure the deserving are not eliminated, which definitely did take place with deserving contestants going by mere public votes. No doubt about that. But rules are rules which were fixed before the start of the show and should have continued till the end, whatever may be the outcome, because the show should go on.
(2) Ok, to some extent, it is acceptable to include ONE wild card entry, who should have been chosen by the separate expert panel of judges and should have stopped there. There was no need to bring in almost the whole lot back and then going to public again (because you had already decided to go against public vote). Thereagain, an announcement was made to bring in TWO wild card entries which finally because of the influence of the 5 panel of judges turned out to be THREE wild card entries. The reason being, the difference of 16 votes is not a margin at all. Agreed, but why did the same judges not react and use the same logic when TOSHI was eliminated with a mere difference of 25 votes earlier. How can the logic and views of judges keep changing with every episode ?
(3) Sumitra, who had reached the TOP FIVE as per rules, had to have a silent exit and TOSHI who was eliminated much much earlier to her, is there again on stage shamelessly singing with full vigour. The same judges who went so gaga over SUMITRA’s ability were just silent this time when she exited herself gracefully but were keen bringing in their best efforts to rope in PRIYANI. Is it that SUMITRA just turned out NOT to be deserving OVERNIGHT ?
(4) What about those public who had voted and spent heavily to bring Sumitra to the TOP FIVE. All that has become invalid now. Is VOI going to return the valuable money and time spent by the public voting for Sumitra. Where are the rules justifiable here ?
(5) Tomorrow, if a definitely deserving contestant, HARSHIT/IRFAN, gets eliminated, what would you do then ? Can you again change rules ?
(6) The best option would have been to accept the fact that rules framed before the start of the contest were wrong, but still stick on to that and keep the show going on without any controversies and giving respect to PUBLIC VOTE, MONEY AND TIME SPENT on voting for their favourite contestant.
(7) Last but not the least, I am an ardent fan of TOSHI and ABHAAS, but feel disgusted when I see them coming to the stage again to sing. I used to hate SUMITRA, as it had gone to her head at one stage because of the backing of the panel of judges. But she had the maturity to realise the bitter fact that these judges can turn tables at any time, and gracefully took an exit from the show. I appreciate her wise and matured decision at this stage.

venkatesh kulkarni said...

Dear Sir,
The programme is really a superb platform for the upcoming singers. Thank u for the same. Every week u invite a celebraty for the programme. Do invite some senior musicians from south viz. ILEAYARAJA, S.JANAKI, SP BALASUBRANIAM ETC TO ADD GLORY TO THE PROGRAMME.