Sunday, October 28, 2007

Irfan is out from Star voice of India

First of all a big sorry to all of you! Of late, I had been a busy a little with my work and could not update you about Amul Star Voice of India on time.Moreover some said that the links of 20th October were not working. I could not check all the links but the alternatives links were playing fine in my PC. Still, if someone could not watch it then I apologise for the inconvenience.

Now let's come back to this week. A real shock was waiting for us. IRFAN is out!!!! :(:( Now, now , Irfan who went till the top four before the wild card elimination, has to leave the show. And what a mindblowing performance he gave on Friday! I persoanlly feel it's time for Harshit to go as Harshit's voice seems like a clone of Kumar Shanu ! Sorry Harshit fans - but I said what I feel.

I did not get the videos of 26th October. I could not watch even the full show for the power cut in the mid of the show. Thank God I could watch Irfan's fantabulous "Tadap Tadap ke" from the Hum Dile De Chuke Sanam .Tomorrow I will give some pictures of the episodes.

On October 27th, Manoj Bajpai and Dia Mirza came on the sets of Star Voice of India to promote their film Dus Kahania. Let's watch the videos

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SL said...

It is shocking to see Irfan eleminated. He was performing so well. On the other hand it is far more shocking to see Ishmeet still moving on.
Mr. Gajendra Singh hasn't there been enough of minting of money????????? You have anounced that THE ONE AND ONLY 'LATAJI' is coming for the finals of your show. Well what are you going to present before her? Would she have any choice if real talent keeps on being eleminated? Irfan was any day a better singer than Toshi and Ishmeet
It is pathetic the way show is progressing. Does not seem to be talent hunt any more
Now who is going to go out? Harshit or Abhas? Cause surely Toshi and Ishmeet would not as you Mr Singh are getting maximum money due to these contestants.
Well don't you think it is high time you woke up? And respect talent provided this programme of yours is really a talent hunt???????????????????????????????

Vivek said...

Shocking seriously...he was better than the rest anyways the last link is not working :( can you pls re-upload it?

arshi said...

Irfan is out, i want to say that this is not talent hunt show, because a better can be out and the non-better can be in. Irfan,s song (Tarp Tarp )wao that was the song of the whole whole voice of india, he sang better than original. He is the only person IRfan who never provide a family problem like Harshit and Toshi and They always show there problems. I think Irfan is much better than Harshit, Toshi Ishmeet and Abhas. I PROUD ON IRFAN. HE IS THE REAL VOICE OF INDIA. i hope LATA ji will say where is TALENT ? so we will say Sardar ji have much votes so he is VOI. So what she will think ?

anjelina said...

IRFAN IS THE BEST. It is astonishing and depressing to know that such good talent is voted out.

Irfan is the best among all singers. He never forgot or did any mistakes during singing. He is a good performer. He also never tried to say things to get sympathy votes for himself. All he did was hardwork and performed well.

He was in top 4, when people came back by wildcard entry....and Irfan was elected out. Is this justice to him. When others got a chance to come back by wildcard entry, why not Irfan. Irfan must be given the chance to perform in the finals.It is a humble request to the organizers to allow him to be in the finals. I dont think people are going to create any chaos like they did for Toshi or priyani.

arshi said...

Sardar Ji will be the VOI because he has many many votes of other Sardars, is it right ? is it a Justice with a good and talented and a able singers like Irfan Sumitra ? ? Ishmeet himself should leave the VOI and he must be annouced that Irfan is better than me. we all peoples are worried with the elimination of irfan. i love u Irfan and i request come in our country Pakistan. we will give you many songs for films. INDIA DID NOT JUSTICE WITH U.

arshi said...

i am agree with Anjelina that Irfan never asked for sympathy vote. I am sorry for Toshi and Harshit. they dont belive on their singing and they always express their inner problems. we dont want their inner problems we need to see a able VOI. MY VOICE OF INDIA (IRFAN) IS OUT. i challenge all the judges and all the remaining singers. can they sing like IRFAN (TARP TARP, hum dil de chuke sanam) i have answer nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I WILL NOT WATCH NOW VOI. BYE BYE BYE.


arshi said...


Genny said...

Ty for keeping us posted about all thats happening at SVOI. I really love that show and always look for the videos on ur website. Its sad that Irfaan is out I liked his voice very much, am sure though he has a very bright future.
I live in USA and miss all the indian shows but u have made life more interesting by posting them online. Thanks Thanks Thanks.

A said...

You know guys? I am very disappointed with Irrfan going out of the show, but somehow knew that that's gonna happen sometime soon. And so the story continues...The final four walah fella goes out as the person with 5th ranker in this popularity contest. And a popularity contest it is definitely. With no importance to the talent.

It makes me angry...but only way in which I can feel good about all this is that the finalists and runner ups have always been more successful than their title holder counterparts...Do you think Prashant Tamang has what it takes to reach to the top? Is he better than Emon/Dipali/Amit Paul? Do you think Aneek Dhar is better than Hasan Raja or Amanat Ali? Look into the past and you will realize the eliminated contestants have got breaks and sustained this in a better way than the winners...Nihira Joshi, Karunya, Shreya Ghoshal, etc... So hopefully, I will get to hear the talented Irrfan soon enough...and the consistent Abhilasha too!

sujatha said...

Do u know irfan has been signed up by Vishesh Films for their film "jannat"? Here's the article.

Jannat for Ali

Barely a day after his ouster from Amul Star Voice of India, Irfan Ali has an offer to sing in Bhatt’s next film, Jannat

Back to Section Stories Posted On Monday, October 29, 2007

Vickey Lalwani

Irfan Ali's early ouster from Amul Star Voice of India on Friday evening may be a blessing in disguise for him. Soon after his dismissal, on Saturday morning, Irfan received a call from Vishesh Films (Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt's production company) asking him to sing for their upcoming Emraan Hashmi-starrer Jannat.

Irfan Ali
Irfan almost fell off his chair when he heard the offer. He is yet to recover from the shock about his dismissal from the contest, and here the Bhatts are keen on having him for one of the crucial tracks in Jannat. Irfan says, "Many people had called and messaged me saying that they were terribly upset about my disqualification. I had not recovered from that shock when my mentor Lalitji informed me about the film with the Bhatts."

It happened when Mukesh Bhatt was watching the particular episode of Voice of India where Irfan was eliminated. He immediately instructed his office to rope in Irfan for a track in Jannat. "According to me, he was the best amongst all the contestants. I think that I must give the boy his due," says Mukesh.

"We have sent him the lyrics and the tune. It's a rocking song. Bhege hoth tere of Murder made Kunal Ganjawala famous, this song of Jannat will make Irfan Ali famous too," he adds.

Meanwhile Irfan says, "I had never dreamt of getting into films so soon. I am thankful to the Bhatts for standing up for me. I'm ready to move on and take up work."

Irfan is a qualified engineer. He fulfilled his parents dream to become an engineer, now it's time for him to chase his own aspirations. He records the song at Krishna Studio in Goregaon today. p;sectid=12&contentid=2007102920071029031702921ebd6b0ec

Ćћαηδαη (চন্দন) said...

I would be happy if Ishmeet would be eliminated. Anyway, the links u've provided are actually 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il champs' 27th Oct episode.

anjelina said...

It is a such a relief that Irfan has been signed by Vishesh Films to sing for Jannat. I am sooo happy for Irfan. Wish You all the Best.

I am great fan of Irfan's. Is there any way I could get his contact number? If anyone has it, plleaseeee post it.

UP said...

Does anyone have Gajji's email ID? Or does anyone know if he reads this blog? Need to get some basic information sent to him.

Media is not regulated in India, but people hope they self regulate themselves. Politicians have created enough regional, language and caste barriers between people. If a show like this on TV too adds to it, not sure what will happen to this country.

If this is Voice of India, why are the votes announced in two phases, where they leave out the votes received from the home city/state of the participant? Is this show trying to promote regional biases, or actually finding genuine talent? It is instigating people from a particular region to vote for a contestant from that region. Come on, should you not request talent be voted for? Gajji should sit down and think what message he wants to send to the people of India, instead of trying desperate measures to boost TRP. Do the right time, TRP will automatically increase.

blueflamer said...

Hi Guys,
I've been following VOI here is New Zealand and was very shocked/sad to see Ifran eliminated.

There is no reason to get angry at Mr. G Singh or anyone else whos involved with the show (including judges). If anything we should be thankful to him for bringing the likes of Ifran/Toshi/Abhas/Sumitra etc to our eyes (ears for that matter).

Regardless of who wins, we all have our own fav VOI and it may differ from us all. I think for the ones that have been eliminated (Sumitra/Ifran etc), they've left a last impression and as such will bounce back. Other doors will be opened for them - i'm very sure of that.

Music is suppose to stare emotions and the reason we love music is because we are very emotional people.

Ifran, if you do ever read this buddy, personal thanks to you. Your voice gave me strength, inspired me and was like a blessing. Thank you Thank you and god bless. Hope you make it big, I know you will - can't wait to buy your album.

Wish Ishmeet all the best. No one needs a degree to sing (it helps) but real singing comes from your heart.

Addu said...

I think Irfan is the only singer among all of them who doesn't only have variations and versatility but also ability to pronounce words properly.

The show seems *my favorite* kinda shows rather a talent show. The way he sang ALVIDA was awesome.

@Why Andhra people Hate IFRAN????

tanoydutta said...

First of all I don't understand this music very well but I am protesting on the comment of A.Aneek Dhar is much much superior singer than any one in Sa Re Ga Ma.Sa re ga Ma is a fair game. But It is shame to see people like Ishmeet and Prashant are becoming champion only on the base of Region base. It is stupid of you A that You compare Aneek to Two Black sheep Prashant and Ishmeet. Yes IRfan, Toshi , Abhaaha , Harshit ,Poonam, Amit ,Emon ,Raja, Musharat are good singers

yogesh said...

i still cry each time i see luka chupi by irfan. do you guys realise what you have done to a sensitive soul. this boy used to howl each time someone was eliminated. you guys should be ashamed of your selves. gajender singh, are you able to sleep after you have collected the proverbial thirty peices of silver from you grand voice of india.... thankfully the rest of the world wont watch this show and pity india... if ishmeet is the best we have to offer. my intution is never wrong, irfan will turn out to be the biggest slap on all live shows. he has major talent, and a clean soul........... its going to be your loss. please go in for a beauty show next, gajendra singh, thats all that you are qualified for. leave music to people trained with classical music. you and your show, and your star, are "THE DISGRACE OF INDIA". you make me sick. WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT STAR.............. IRFAN.

yogesh said...

read the comments... HAAAAH. irfan is the first guy to get a contract...........haaaaah. now let a particular community support ishmeet. wouldnt it have been safer to support diler mehdi, at least he was a pooop shtaaar, with the minimum talent, instead of spending so much money on " a has been even before he started" Community, please buy 10 copies of the non talents recording. though, if you had given him three rupees for each vote instead of voting, he would be much better off. gajendra singh, you are tooo pathetic for words