Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back again!!! Its Rocking!

Hello friends!

So I am back again ! Sorry for not updating you people about the fab show Amul Star Voice of India! I was a kind of busy with my tight work schedule :( But I never missed a single episode of Star Voice of India :) hehe...

The competetion is really toughening now , specially with these fab singers I understand the plight of the judges to chooose the best three!:( Infact it is proven fact that if a singer scores low in one episode doesnt mean that he/she is a poor singer ..It might be just one bad day! Previously Karishma kini and Sanchita and there are few more who performed supebly in the audition round failed to be upto the mark.

Anyways friends here are the links for the episodes from June

JUNE 15th video : Lucknow audition (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

June 16th Video :Selection of final 32

Shaan, Aadesh and Lalit in a press conference




June 22nd :Group A: Selection of 3

Opening Songs Of ASVOI By Five Judges and Shaan Introducing Contestants
kothra-220607-asvoi1.wmv - 5.17MB

Sumitra's Performance
kothra-220607-asvoi2.wmv - 5.31MB

Part - 2
Sumitra's Scores From Judges and Ishmeet's Performace and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi3.wmv - 8.37MB

Sayantani's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607- asvoi4.wmv - 5.04MB

Arvind's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi5.wmv - 7.79MB

Part - 3
Chaitanya's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi6.wmv - 4.30MB
Karishma's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi7.wmv - 3.41MB

Rohit's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi8.wmv - 3.72MB

Tanushree's Performance and Scores From Judges
kothra-220607-asvoi9.wmv - 8.12MB

Part - 4
Final Results
kothra-220607-asvoi10.wmv - 9.02MB

June 23rd - Group A: Selection of 3

Part - 1

- Introduction By Shaan and Recap
kothra-230607-asvoi1.wmv - 5.85MB

- Tanushree's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi2.wmv - 5.45MB

- Karishma's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi3.wmv - 4.72MB

Part - 2
- Arvind's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi4.wmv - 6.39MB

- Sayantani Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi5.wmv - 5.56MB

- Rohit's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi6.wmv - 5.51MB

Part - 3
- Sumitra's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi7.wmv - 8.65MB

- Ishmeet's Performance
kothra-230607-asvoi8.wmv - 4.88MB

Part - 4
- Final Results
kothra-230607-asvoi9.wmv - 15.01MB

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