Friday, July 27, 2007

Videos of 27th & 28th July- Star Voice of India

increase in the popularity of SVOI

Video of 27th July

Part 1 july27thv1.wmv--55.56MB
Part 2 july27thv2.wmv--24.23MB
Part 3 july27thv3.wmv--18.23MB

Videos of 28th July

Part 1 july28thsv1.wmv
Part 2 july28thsv2.wmv
Part 3 july28thsv3.wmv

So the mahayudh had began among the Bemisaal Barah of Amul Star Voice of India!!

On 27th July, in the show Shaan looked cool with his pretty long hair!
I found that contrary to the reports Agni team comprising of Aadesh Srivastav and Lalit,instead of Jatin. Then comes the Prithvi team - but it was a broken team . Only Abhijeet came on stage and affirmed that Alka Yagnik WILL join the team after few days.!! thinks she must have gone for stage shows or something like that! Jatin Pandit is the neutral judge.

The guests were well known lyricist cum adman Prasoon Joshi, Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans ,music director Shantanu Moitra and Bhojpuri singer actor Manoj Tiwari. one by one they entered with three contestants with each of them. The contestants looked gorgeous with the makeover that had been done to them by Vikram Phadnis.

On 28th July,
as we have been alrady informed Anil Kapoor and Akshaye Kahnna had been the Star guest of this week's Amul Star Voice of India. The contestants gave a powerpacked performances making even Anil Kapoor singing a few lines!
Toshi and then Sumitra brought Anil on stage twice and made him sing a few lines. The contestants were divided into two groups today.

Ishmeet,Prantik,Irfaan,Abhilasha,Prantika,Priyani - in Prithvi TeamSumitra, Arshpreet, Mirande, Harshit, Abhaas in Agni team. So, now Priyani will be in ALka's Team ! That's good! Please say your comments about the performance of the contestants

For voting Hutch subsribers sms 505 7827 ID i.e each contestant get a number, type that number For eg, if someone's ID is 5 then type 505 7827 05
Bsnl subscribers sms 12 7827 ID eg. 12 7827 05
Anyone can sms VOI ID No to 7827 For eg, if someone's ID is 5 then type VOI 05 and send
Landline number dial 1862 424 7827 followed by the contestant’s voting ID
eg. 1862 424 7827 05

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Rocky said...

Hi all participate i wish u all the best
Hi Mirande i specially very very very wish u all the best
I hope u will make VOI
You r very beautiful singer

From :-
Sunil patel

Ambition14 said...

Toshi is the best. Inshallah you will reach your destiny and become voice of India.