Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Voting Begins! Some news !

So, Amul Star voice of India reaches its final stage after lots of debate, controversy, allegation, fights and most importanty Great Music !!

Here are the bunch of talented and super talented singers whose fate will be decided by the people of India! Earlieer there ahd been controversies whether people vote the voices or the looks as many talented singers had been out of this talent hunt shows ! :( Lets see who becomes the Voice of India.
Here is the process you can vote your favourite Md. Irfan , Priyani, Sumitra,Thosi and others.

The 12 contestants will be divided into two groups : 6 in the Agni team headed by Aadesh Srivastav and Jatin Pandit (some say it will be Lalit Pandit?! well we will see it on 27th July) and the team of Alka Yagnik and Abhijeet Bhattacharya - Prithvi Team !! Didn't we hear that Alka is leaving ?! And here she is making team with Abhijeet!!!!!!! Aaa, everything changes in the glitter world in a blink of eye! By the way, I facny what will be the halat of the contestants of the Prithvi team sandwitched between the awesome two!!!
All that the viewers have to do to vote through SMS is to type VOI 01/ 02/ 03 – 12 and send it to 7827
For eg: to vote for Toshi type: VOI space 11 and send it to 7827

To vote through LANDLINE dial 1862 424 7827 followed by the contestant’s voting ID: 01, 02, 03 -
For eg: to vote for Aabhas dial: 1862 424 782705

But the voting line will be open from 27th July when Star Voice of India will be aired at 10pm (IST)
So everyone , ready, steady , grab your phones and start voting!!


monika said...

i think sumitra and abhas are the strongest participants and they should remain till the end.abhas will be the voice of india.

puttan said...

Abhash is way ahead of others.He,certainly deserves to be VOI.He is confident,does effortless singing and has given gusty performances so far.People should vote for the best performer instead of voting for the person of your own state.Keep it up Abhash.
Wg Cdr P C Verma

johnson said...

abaas has performed excellent & is the only contender for voi he too good god bless u for the future

Rai Muhammad Asif said...

I m from Pak
Today is 17-8-2007
I just want to say that how u vote
Just a rubbish thing that u put in danger zone Irfan Toshi and priyani what u think during ur votes Why u dont put abhilasha , sumitra there their performances is not too good like toshi irfan and proyani.
So Plz during votes u use use ur right opinion
From Pakistan

Zubair said...

I think Irfan and toshi are strong participants,and from ladies Priyani.please vote for them as much as u can,from your bottom of hearts,your single vote can change their whole life.Try to understand their emotions.Bye & takecare


I am definately agrre with "Puttan". He is a versatile singer and his voice modulation is tremendous.He has a strong classical base.He is also winner of 2004 SREGAMAPA (Little Champ).
I don't think any of the contetant of VOI can sing songs like "HAI DUNIAY USIKI". "NAIN LAD JAIYEN" and "AAKE SEEDHI LAGI DIL PE".3
So music lovers please vote "AABHAS" and give your participation in making a future of indian cinema music.
Thank a lot.

binoy bhushan said...


if u wanna get best among the participant.please let them sing
old melodious song .

we the people of india would like to have a singer like (Rafi and kishor) sir .
Best of luck for all candidate in VOI.
let's the song remain to our heart.


TANVEER said...

hey ### TOSHI IS OUT..... CONGRATZ........I S H M E E T IS SAFE...... N PLZ VOTE 4 HIM ........ HIS ID IS 02......... PLZ DO VOTE 4 HIM .........