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Update of 24th August-Star Voice Of India

Sorry friends! This week I could not get the links of the videos of Amul Star Voice of India!:( So I am giving a written update of this week's contest . By the way I got the link of the video of the thursday episode when all the pardey je pichey baatein of SVOI is shown. Here is the link

Update of 24th August.
The show starts with Shaan welcoming everyone and then welcomes the diva of Hindi film music Sunidhi Chauhan! Sunidhi looked stylish in her blue skirt and black sleevless top. She starts the show with "Mindblowing mahiya".... she is really very wonderful singer and sang well too this time . Sunidhi too started her career in a musical contest "Meri Awaj Suno " and she reminiscence that she was only 11-12 years old and others were around 20 and still she won the contest!!!

The contest stars with the Agni team's Mirande.
She sang main saat samunder dol gaya from film Chameli sung originally by Sunidhi
Sunidhi said u did well aaramse gaya... Lalit says she is in danger zone!

Irfan from Prithvi sang Ishq jab had se from the movie Kaante sung originally by Sunidhi,Anand Raj Anand.
Sunidhi says - 'accha gaya.... treat every song as ur first and last song...tht works..'
Ishmeet comes and talks about Irfaan and praises him. Irfan was safe

Wonder boy Abhas sang Soniye from the movie Aksar originally sung by Kay kay, sunidhi . Abahas befor singing dedicated the song to all the beautiful girls and to mentors Alka and Sunidhi.
Sunidhi said bahot accha gaya.... but he should be careful about his low notes because ispe sab maar khate hain... it should be audible.
Aadesh asks Abhas if he likes to know the result from Sunidhi or not. The boy went to her and she declared that he is safe :) Abhash kissed her hand ! IMO . Sunidhi was embarrased but she kept laughing. Alka teasingly said we thought him to be child ; Abash replied that he wants to prove he has grown up and not a baccha ! was sweet.

Next comes Priyani from Prithvi team and sang Meri jindagi me ajnabee from movie Ajnabee
Original singers were kumar sanu, sunidhi chauhan
Sunidhi said bahot accha laga... aapne apne scale ke heesab se high note me gaya so it was heard a little would be have been a little smooth.
Priyani had gone to her home town.... so they shown the reaction of people praising her.

Next turn is of Harshit . Toshi comes to leave him to stage and praise him
Harshit sang Mast title from the movie - Mast . He sang really mast and after some time he takes Sunidhi to stage where she sings along with him in a mast manner. she did nt comment.... nothing to comment after her performance .
A girl from the audience seemed desperate to say something. When mike was given to her she said "Harsheet , you are the best" Harsheet blushed and thanked her shyly. The girl says that everyone from SNDT girls college is voting for him!

Abhialasha started singing only after Alka stood by her. She sang Mehboob mere from film fiza originally sung by Sunidhi .
Sunidhi said bahot accha gaya sur me gaya.... jatin said alkaji ka waha rehne ka asar hain... alka says she is back. but she was in chakrabaat and abhijeet tears the card.

Toshi comes on stage accompanied by Harshit. He sang Saki saki from the movie Musafir
originally sung by Sukhwinder singh . Sunidhi sings two lines i.e. the female part
Sunidhi said bahot accha gaya.... lekin thoda controlled harkatein kare to aapka gaana aur accha lagega . All girls cheering for once more.... he also went to his home.... AV is shown about him too

Ishmeet sang yeh dil from filmDil Mange More. Original Singer were- Sonu nigam, sunidhi
Sunidhi hugs him and he presents rose to her .sunidhi says bahot man se gaya aapne... u did well and thank u for rose

Arshpreet sang tere ishq ki from the film Kucch to hain sung Kay kay,
Sunidhi bahot accha gaya... mast hoke gaya.... her father has come. He came on stage and hugged her.

Sumitra of Agni performed famous beedi jalailye from omkara .Everyone knows its sung by Sunidhi.
Sunidhi said yeh hui na koi baat... she said u made me happy... she told by singing what she liked.
Later, Ishmeet , Arshpreet and Sumitra came on stage. The contestant themselves declared their results. Arshpreet, Sumitra were in danger zone. OMG! All the beautiful women are in Chakravaat.

Sunidhi said that i m shocked to see all the four contestants unsafe and i would vote them.... i say sunidhi aaj sumitra me kya accha dekha Jatin says koi bhi eliminate hoga to mujhe lagega jaise apna baccha boarding school jaa raha hain.... i would be very unhappy

Sunidhi announces results.Amongst the chakrawaat contestants.
Abhilasha gets highest votes ; Sumitra is second highest ; Mirande is third
Arshpreet is eliminated today . Best of luck to her

Abhijeet said her performance was always 20 never 19/20.... she fought with contest weather everything and was very consistent and she was the only one...
Aadesh said she never did drama .
Arshpreet says... aaj koi bhi eliminate hota to dukh hota hi.... aage prove karke dikhaungi....
She sings finally "nim samajh gayi"

In between, I was just wondering is there anything between Arshpreet and Harshit? In the previous episodes when the contestant were saying about their crushes Irfan and Prantika told that she is in love and it happened within last few days. Arshpreet said she likes the guy but should not call it love. whenever Harshit came on stage camera focused on her and vice versa. Even when she got eliminated Harshit was shown absent mindedly playing with his band in hand. Hmmmmmm.........;)

anyways I hope I could give a glimpse of what happened in Star Voice of India I will give the link when I will get it.

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Thanks much!

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