Friday, August 3, 2007

Videos of 3rd & 4th August - Star voice of India

Hello friends! Here I am with the update of our favourite musical talent hunt show Amul Star Voice of India. This week SVOI celebrated the birth anniversary of Kishore Kumar. His two sons, known singer Amit Kumar and young Sumit Kumar were the star guest of the show.
This friday, one of the contestant was supposed to be eliminated. And guess what! The four of them who got into danger zone were Abhaas( oh my god!), Ashpreet (can't the people hear her beautiful voice? ) , Prantik and Prantika!! But as they say all's well that ends well because the judges did not make elimination in the episode of celebration of legendary singer Kishore Kumar.

Another bad news for all Ishmeet fans- he is sick and has been hospitalised.:( He is said to have stomach pain and clippings were shown where he is taken to hospital. Hope he is well. :)

Video links of 3rd August

Music Bug seems to have bitten Govinda! First he was in Indian Idol entertaining and giving gyan to people. And now he is in Amul Star Voice of India. Here too, he danced on the tunes of wonder boy Abhaas and guess what!!Our very own Chichi Bhaiya sang too! To be precise he showed his talent in music by humming few lines of a classical song even though he blushingly apologised for it :) C'mmn Govinda, u dont need to say sorry because if you had been an singer then many male singers would have been sorry state today.

Video links of 4th August(please dnt download video , this is for only to watch online)


The scene of the day in Star Voice of India was the singing of Ishmeet even though he looked so sick. Kudos to the Punjab ka Puttar!

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Nilesh said...

This is for Gajendra ji......
Since last 2-3 episodes that great music is missing in the show..? I think the musicians have changed...... To bring your fans back , restore the music punch..

pehma said...

well i just watch the show bcuz the drummer out ther is just so kool...want to kno bout him....i wish u all cud give sum details bout them....
frm bhutan