Sunday, August 26, 2007

Video of 25th August - Star Voice of India

Jatin-lalit with their sisters
Sorry friends! I could not upload the video of Amul Star Voice of India earlier. I was stuck with some work. :(
The theme of the show was Rakhi and we saw some really emotional scenes when the brother/sister of the contestants , even the three sisters of Jatin- Lalit and brother of Alka came on show.

But the best moment of the show was when Abhijeet got a very special gift from a very special person. Who was it? What was it ? Let's watch the video .
Video link of 25th August
Also here the links to the videos of the performance of Harshit,Priyani , Arshpreet on 24th August. I could not get the whole video :(

source: sadaf


messys musings said...

hello.. nice blog here...

i wanted to put up a video of abhaas singing the song from omkara.. but i dont want a link.. can i have something i can embed in my post?... i tried using you tube but its not happening...

thanx... love the show...

Rajesh said...

Please scrap the voting sysetem,unless u want to be an also ran show, and not the class associated with Gajendra singh shows,
loss of first Ashpreet and Now Toshi,.People voting seem to be either deaf or dont understand what singing is all about.just dance and jhatkas dont make a singer.
Same happened last year as class singers like nihira joshi lost.

Rajesh Mohta

puttan said...

It was shocking to see that Abash almost out of the contest.He sings like a professional.Please vote for him and encourage the upcoming talent.
P C Verma