Friday, August 10, 2007

Videos of 10th & 11th august Star voice of India

Hello Friends! So here is another brand new episode of Amul Star Voice of India . And hey! There is a good news ! Alka Yagnik has returned ! The producer Gajendra Sing himself took her on stage. Alka gave all the credit to the Bemisaal Barah contestant for making her to come back on stage! Well, well we will have some more fun watching the funny and not-so-funny jokes of AY and AB :)

Today was the elimination round and one of the contestant was out. I wont tell who.You better watch it.

Videos of 10th august

Videos of 11th august
In today's epsiode Jagjit Singh was the guest. And the theme was first love ! The contestant told about their first crushes. :) The scene of the day - Alka comes on stage and hugs Priyani after her beautiful singing. Priyani was overwhelmed.
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Vidyu said...

Thanks SO much! :) don't get to watch this on TV :( enjoying it! :)

vishal said...

You're doing an awesome service by posting the videos for those who can't watch it on TV. Keep up the the good work.

Its good to have Alka back. She's probably the most sensible judge of them all - who doesn't get swayed away by her feelings/emotiions towards her fav. contetants. Its too bad Prantike had to leave. In my oponion, she is heads and shoulders above Arhpeet and Prantik(not to take anything from them). Prantik has had his moments but Arhpreet is the weakest of them all. And I loathe the fact that people ask speak their native language to "ask" for votes - especially Prantik. I think he demeans himself by stooping so low. I feel that is the main reason for Prantik to be still around and the ONLY reason for Arshpreet to be around. We Indians need to get away from this regional feeling and concentrate on the musical talent.

Anyway I vote for Prantik/Arshpreet to leave in next round.

Mirande seems to have raised her game-big improvement.

ÞήáĎďÄmåҝéŕ said...

thnx a lot man.. keep da gud job going......

Jiya said...

Prantika did not deserve to leave. Either Abhilasha or Prantik should have left. Prantika has, I feel, one of the best if not the best voice qualities among the female singers. Abhilasha is very overhyped. The only time she touched my heart was during the auditions. Since then I have noticed that her voice quality is actually very poor. People like Arvind who got left during auditions can any day outperform these mediocre singers.

Ambition14 said...
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Ambition14 said...

Prantika definitely did not deserve to be out and I think Arshpreet is still better than Prantik Sur. I hope Prantik gets voted out next week becaz if someone else does, then it wont be a fair voting.

I am soo glad that these videos are online as I dont have indian TV...thanks guys for great work.

I just watched the saturday's show. Toshi was definitely the best and next I liked Priyani Vani. I totally agree with Abhijeet's comment abt Harshit's singing...He sounded more like Kumar Sanu and his voice didnt sound original at all. I hope this improves.
Good Luck guys