Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vidoes of 28th September

This week there is lot of thing to look forward in Amul Star Voice of India. First of all the four wild card participants were declared. Yes , it was five not four who were selected . Prantik, Priyani, Ashpreet and Toshi were selected by the judges and Abhaas came through the veto power of Jatin ji. I was somewhat disappointed with Mirande being not selected. She does have a good voice and was almost consistent and sang well in the wild card round. While Priayni has got lot of chances right from the beginning.
To be precise, Sumitra who got eliminated yesterday will also sang today along with other wild card entries who will sing before the Sawaariya team . Then the voting will began. Hmm...god knows what the

Videos of 28th Sep.



Amit said...

This is not fair. Voting lines seem to have been blocked again. What kind of politics is this Mr. Gajendra Singh? Last week when Abhas was eleminated voting lines were easily opening. NOW YOUR SO CALLED WILD CARD ENTRY AND AGAIN MESSAGE KEEPS APPEARING "THIS PAGE CANNOT BR DISPLAYED" How do we vote? It is all just a sham.
What is the point of all this activity? Everything is just a charade

osp said...

What is the point of calling the best in the music industry, the great Parveen Sultana, Khayyamji etc and then have a voting round again. Star TV stop this greed for all the commissions u r making from SMS messages. Toshi deserves to be in. He sounds great even without the music track. DONT BE CRAPPY ANYMORE, UR TRP HAS ALREADY TAKEN A BEATING.

sunitha said...

i have never been able to vote thrgh internet. the voting lines are always blocked.MESSAGE KEEPS APPEARING "THIS PAGE CANNOT BR DISPLAYED. Sumitra was right not performing in the wild card entry as there is no point now.

bulbul said...

priyani should have not been out . thoshi should have been out. he`s gettin favour from judges. wild card entry should have not been there.priyani should have got a chance atlest. judges should have been in favour with her. this is not done. god knows wat will happen now on star voice of india