Sunday, September 30, 2007

Video of 29th Sep - Star Voice of India

I was not getting the videos of Amul Star Voice of India on 29th September . But now I have found it ! :) Enjoy !

Video links of 29th Sep. Star voice of India

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SL said...

Indeed Abhas is the best. Such a fabulous performance. A performance that totaly mesmerizes any music lover. He most certainly is way ahead of all the participants of VOI.
Despite having immense talent is suffering a setback only because of voting. People who have any appriciation for true talent should come forward and support this talented boy.

S said...

Fabulous performance indeed! ! ! Keep it up Abhas.
Certainly, none of the contestants stand anywhere even close to you.
Not a single contestant has ever tried to sing the kind of difficult songs that Abhas has sung and must say he deserves full marks as he has done full justice to the songs. He is true talen ! ! ! the ONLY person deserving the title "VOICE OF INDIA" This can be said without a shred of doubt specially after the performance of 29th September.

Rekha said...

Abhas, Sumeetra,Toshi even Prantik.. all are good. I wonder how come Abhilasha is still there in the race. she's not having that voice for playback singing atall. many a times she sings wrong. Too much of support from Alka Yagnik is the only reason that she is still there. then I wonder that a singer like Alka is not able to catch her mistakes? she should be out from the contest and 3 contestants should be taken on wild card.

rakesh said...

My best wishes are with all the contestant but I personally want Abhas to win,only for the song Satyam Shivam Sundaram .
Abhas Keep it up.
Star TV has certainly confirmed that music has no boundaries, no enmity and is above all differences.

And finally Shaan you are great.

Nitesh said...

अभी बचे हुए सभी प्रतियोगिओं मे से अबहास बेहतरीन है और इसमे कोई शक की संभावना भी नही है |

ambere said...

Toshi is the best just as amanat was the best in sa re ga ma pa but becase of lack of votes he got eliminated ...pple with good financial backrounds who can afford to sms or pple with good regional support are the only ones who make it in the contests and not the real talent....the judges are jokers caue they start supporting the contestants who is from their particular team ...which is pathetic cause the junta can still get away with that atleast they dont know that much about singing so they support for all the shameful reasons but atleast the judges have a good knowledge .. pple should stop bothering with these shows cause they are not talent hunts but more like talent ridicule shows ....i think this time it is TOSHI (who is surly better then ishmeet atleast ) who will be getting out cause he is from a modest background....down with voice of india! down with gajendra singh! i want ishmeet to win cause that will again go to prove that real talent would never get respect on these money making rackets

mina said...

i also think it is toshi and then harshit and then abhas
abhas for once i will agree with you and your dementor lalit
it is only fair that the worst wins on these talent ridicule hunt shows ...

Rakesh said...

Rakesh Says: If any one should win, it should be Abhash only.
No regional biases man!
These Sardars are really mad after Ishmeet, he has lots of limitations.
So Go for voice of India, not for that of Punjab or UP.