Sunday, September 9, 2007

Video of 8th September Star Voice of India

Sorry friends , I am a little late in updating the blog of Amul Star Voice of India. Actually the net was not working yesterday.
On Saturday Isha Koppikkar was the khallas girl and unlike many of the other guests she made the remarks quiet intelligently and not just went on blabbing "you are very good"

The video links of Voice of India for the episode


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UP said...

The controversy around Toshi's elimination and the public support for his return has once again turned into a money making opportunity for Gajji and the show. I heard the option they are thinking of is the we poor voters decide who we want to recall by means of an SMS :-) between the three participants who have been eliminated.

I mentioned the last time that Gajji's tears (Crocodile?) will not make them change the format to allow people who are qualified to decide who should be the VOI. Now this gives the channel another opportunity to make more money.

Whilst we poor folks shell our money SMSing our views. This is one of the best money making ideas of the TV channels. I am sure it must be giving them more money than what they can get from the advertisers