Friday, September 7, 2007

Video of 7th September Star Voice of India

Yesterday the new melody queen Shreya Ghosal was the guest of honour in Amul Star Voice of India. She looked beautiful in her skirt and there was a certain grace in her. She infact is the winner of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa some years ago. She encouraged the participants and most of them sang quiet good. Md. Irfan looked quiet funny in the Chunilal dress ..hehe...but he sang superb. Irfan gave us a info related to him and Shreya but I wont reveal it. :) You better watch in the video.

Video Links of SVOI

Even today Abhijeet said he cant accept the elimination of Toshi and constantly this stage reminds him of Toshi. All of you friends have already made a demand of making Toshi to return..Let's see if Gajjji listens to us. aToday's star guest will be Isha "Khallas " Kopikkar.

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Adeel said...

I am Adeel Jahangir from Karachi Pakistan, would like to say Please Toshi Muhammad bring back because without his participation no one is able to fight with Harshid, and with out him all people watching this programme with out passion and show boring.

Nasir said...

Yet another Pakistani (Nasir) but from USA this time ...I would second adeel about Toshi's coming back to VOI doubt that Harshit is a different class , as far as voting is concerned dont cast out Abhas and Irfaan just yet ...they have a much bigger fan following than Harshit ...and we have all seen after toshi that the best singer might not be the most voted one ..btw I would like a more fair deal when 4-5 are left than there should be a voting of all the voted out members that all other like Toshi who made to the Top 10 and are voted out have a chance (if toshi comes in that ...thay will be great , else it will be biased) ..

Asim said...

Asim is here from karachi,Pakistan.
Amul Star Voice of india is our family fevroit programe.bur we all Pakistani are dishearted like indians cause of its rules, there is great judges so why they ignnored to decide? why all depended on public vote? let come back priani and Toshi Muhammed.please dont disheart these pure voices.

Thanks and warm regards

Kanak said...

I see regularly VOI I am one of biggest fan of this programme. In this porgramme my fav. contestant is one and only one he is IRFAN evenb Toshi, Priyani and Arshpreet were good.Infact Toshi was dam good. But I like Irfan and 2nd Toshi. If I ever get a chance I would Like to speak to Irfan. Irfan if you read my this message pls. reply back.

daksh said...

Toshi was the best of Voice of India.Without him noone like to watch the show.He had the ability to rock the audience.He could sing such high tech notes that others could only dream of.I loved him very much.I was very passionate about him.But don't worry guys,he will be going to have a very bright future.BEST OF LUCK TOSHI.

Amjad Khan said...

I lost interest in VOI since the elimination of Toshi. I cant believe this. This is a true setup. It has not been fair.I believe thats why Aadesh Srivastav cursed who ever is playing games with toshi. I used hurry back home to watch VOI, but now no more. All prominient singers like IRFAN TOSHI and PRIYANI have left there is no original singers left. Abhaas copies Mohd.Rafi Sahab, Harshit sounds like Kumar Sanu. No Originals.
All the best to TOSHI IRFAN & PRIYANI