Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Star Voice of India singers met Lata Mangeshkar!

It was a dream come true for the top finalists of Amul Star Voice of India! They met the ultimate voice of india LATA MANGESHKAR!!!!

They went to her home along with Gajendraji to seek her blessings as well as some priceless tips from the melody queen herself. As I watched in some news channel Sumitra, Abhilasha , Md Irfan, Ishmeet, Harshit were all sitting on the floor in front of Lata while she is telling them about the importance of having training. Abhilasha sang the audition song " Tu chanda" , Harshit sang a song of Kishore Kumar; Ishmeet was too emotional to sing anything and just fell before her feet with tears in her eyes! Lata warned them that it was after they will sing their own songs that their true talent will be understood and its better that they continue their rewaz

Quiet obvious that everyone of them was nervous, excited and felt blessed.

picture source : india-forums.com

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