Friday, September 14, 2007

Star Voice Of India videos -14th September

Yesterday it was day of reuniting the families in Amul Star voice of India. :) Shabana Azmi , Ayesha Dharkar and Manish Acharya were the star guests of Star Voice of India and there is no point in guessing that it was Shabana who with her intelligence and grace took the spotlight.

SVOI witnessed some supercharged emotional moments as the theme of the show was family bonding. Proud parents of each contestant came on stage and said few lines about their children. Everyone got tears in their eyes when Harshit brought his grandma on stage . Everyone was laughing heartily when Abhas showed his first cloth that his grandmother made it for him; he always keeps it with him in any important work as a symbol of blessing from elders.

The most touch moment of the show was when two estranged brothers again reunited. Yes, I am talking about brother dup Jatin and Lalit. After the much talked about separation after Fanaa the brothers had been doing Amul Star Voice of India but they hardly set their eyes on each other. I dont want to spoil the mood , better watch it by yourself.

Video links of 14th September

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