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Videos- Wild Card Round in Star Voice of India

Videos of Wild Card round of SVOI

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The wild card round was held yesterday in Amul Star Voice of India . It was meant to pave the way for two of the contestants to enter the Star Voice of India again .

The seven contestants who got the chance of singing once before the esteemed panel of jusges comprising of Khyyamji, Parvin Sultana, Anandji, Rabindra Jain were -
Prantik Sur, Prantika Mukherjee, Priyani Vani, Abhaas Joshi, Mirande Shah, Ashpreet Kaur and Toshi .
After the intial group performance, Priyani started the show singing "Honto pein aisi baat " from the film jewel thief. See the vidoes for the performances.

All the judges unanimously agreed that public voting is not the right way of searching talent. Khyyam saab, after the performance of Toshi, said quiet bitterly" Talent to dhundna public ka kaam nehi hai " ...Very true....:(

But this wild card entry in Amul Star Voice of India was not untouched by controversy . When the top five contestants were asked how they feel about this wild card entry Abhilasha and Harshit told unabashedly that it is not the right decision as it will create pressure on them and there should be only one format !! Well, their view is echoed by many viewers who think that it is unfair for Gajendra Singh to give more chance to the eliminated participants . After all only one format has to be maintained . Even if public is wrong in choosing their Voice of India their decision should be accepted since that has been the format from the beginning .
Hmmm.....they all have a point but again wild card entries happen in all talent shows. After all it is another way of making more money ! :(

Yesterday the judges chose four of the participants but their names will be declared on 28th Sep. fri episode. Out of the four two of them will be selected by public voting . Again voting !!?? Then what was point in bringing the judges ???
Please put your comments . Meanwhile I am trying to get some pictures of yesterday episode. :)

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UP said...

Like our politicians, the television channels think that Indian people are gullible and they are taking us for a ride. Since this show did not get as much TRP as it had expected, they are finding more reasons for public voting. Come on Gajendraji, make a decision. It is either public voting or judges decision. Don't make your money from poor Indian hardworking folks.

I would advise people not to vote. Waste of your money.

Madhura said...

In the wild card entry,what is the use of the judges opinion if public voting is yet to be held?
No doubt the judges will choose the best 4/5 among the 7.
Please put an end to this reality stuff. Let the traditional way of judging be started again.
Shreya Ghosal, Kunal Ganjawalla, Sunidhi Chauhan, Hrishikesh Ranade are names of the participants who have come ahead in their life AND THESE WERE THE WINNERS CHOSEN BY THE JUDGES.
As a matter of fact how many contestants who have won these reality shows have come ahead???
Infact the ones who have not won,(but deserved to win) have come ahead in life.

Attaullah Shah said...

I have got a feeling that Toshi is going to make, not only to the wild card entry but also to the final. Abhas has also slim chances, but Toshi has got enough of public sympathies and demand.

As far as the wild card entry is concernd, it is off-course for creating more money. The whole point in Toshi elimination was creating an unlimited array of demands through SMS and subsequent votings in the wild card entry. And above all, the sensation of carrying Toshi forward will not last until the final. The shock that was given to the public through Toshi and Abhas elimination will have definitely motivated those who were quiet and inactive to participate in the voting process and thus generate moe bucks to Gajendra. Honesty is really an a rare thing especially among TV channels.

Swetha said...

You know guys!! This is soo much bullshit. How can they ask public to vote for Wild Card Entry? What' the point of Wild Card Entry in the first place then? Wasnt it to undo the wrong committed by public voting? This is sheer nonsense. I seriously think public seriously has no clue or any knowledge of music and their votes are totally biased. For me, Irrfan is the BEST and then Abhaas and though I was never a big fan of Toshi, I think he is a good singer too. However, if it wasnt for prejudice and just supporting your own region, how come people like Ishmeet, seriously Ishmeet, though the guy is nice but seriously he should have been eliminated long back. He jst isnt that good. Abhaas getting eliminated really shocked me. It seriously did. Now I totally believe Gajju is doing all this just for money. If it were for pure talent, eliminations would seriously have been based purely on esteemed Judge's decisions.
Anyhow, I wish the best for Abhaas and hope he comes back.

Jimmy said...

Clearly, Aabhas is the best of them all! He has the right kind of training needed to become a playback singer and a good voice quality to back it up. He has outperformed others many a times on the show. So it was rather sad to see him go. Now that he is getting this chance, all of us music lovers should join hands and bring Aabhas back. Let it not be about states, caste or religion, but about true music, as that is what this show is all about!

As for Toshi lovers, your love for him is surely a pleasure to watch, but in an industry where Quawwali and Sufi Songs are only produced intermittently, I have my serious doubts about whether he can be regarded as the Voice of India. Singing songs of one genre is surely not enough.

Perhaps what disappoints me most is to see Ishmeet get by even though everyone knows that he does not deserve to be where he is. Apparently, being Punjab ka Puttar has done much good for him, but I doubt if this can last till the end of the show.

Harshit is yet another disappointment and it is unclear what he is bringing to stage as a singer. He has never included any classical song in his presentations and has never tried any of the tough songs. He has thrived on Mr Aadesh's insistence that he has a cinematic voice (whatever that means) and on his trying to please the female crowd. Well, ladies there is bad news for you as I am sure by now you know that he madly in love with Arshpreet. So you may want to reconsider your options!


Nidhi said...

In the wild card entry round again public voting has been resorted to. What is the point. I had understood that wild card ebtry round was mainly to rectify the errors due to public voting.
Now I personally am of the opinion that the judges too are getting bias. Ishmeet is not only getting benifit of Punjab ka puttar but all false praises of Abhijeet. I wonder why??? He did not deserve to reach this far, he ought to have been eleminated long back. In fact Abhilasha too has comitted sooo many blunders evidently but still she is being given unconditional support by Alka. Though she has a sweet voice but if she cannot carry a song gracefully I guess she is lacking somewhere.
Abhas has suffered solely because the voting lines on that week were blocked in Jabalpur. He is the real talent there and poor boy has been eleminated. I really wonder if he gets a chance in this wild card entry round as public voting has again been resorted to. Toshi though is getting huge support but he can be categorised to be able to sing a certain type of songs only.
In my opinion Irfan is getting the benifit as he called himself Irfan from India otherwise he too has a lot of shortcomings. At one point of time Abijeet took the blame of Irfan not singing well on himself. What is this if not partiality? If a singer cannot carry a given song well then he certainly lacks talent somewhere.
So far as contestants oposing the wild card round are concerned I believe they are scared that talent like Abhas might not come back. Though certainly public voting ought not to be resorted to.
It now seems that this show has gone on to be only about making money rather than talent hunt.
Shan should stop saying SACCHE SURO KI JAI JAIKAR.

P said...

Toshi and Abhas should be bought back as the wild card entry participants. No way they can be out. I think high time Balle Balle is out. He can only rhyme the softer version of the songs. Not a trained singer.

As for Abilasha and Harshit if they were good singers, no need of getting scared with the wild card entry.

Toshi Abhas have to be in then the charm to VOI will be a real entertainment.

I think high time balle balle, abilash are out.... she has a good voice but not fit to be a VOI.

Toshi is the man.......

da said...

Toshi is a one genre type of singer ?

I guess Kaho na Kaho and the song he sang from Mujse Shadi Karoge were naats and not pop songs. Give me a break, the bottom line is that Toshi has the vocals and the training to sing any style of song they ask him to sing. When you look at Indian cinema, the songs that have made it big are those with emotion, with love, with melody, and with drama. Toshi has the ability to exhibit all those qualities. Why do all the judges and guest judges love him then ?

As far as Abilasha and Harshit saying it is not fair, that just enrages me especially Abilasha, This is a singing competition in which for 2, mind you, 2 WEEKS in a row she forgot her lines. She should be counting her blessings that she got another chance.

So if 2 of these voted off participants get another chance, she has a problem with it ? Sorry that's bullshit. She got 2 chances. they're just asking for one. Neither Abbas or Toshi messed up their lines like she did.

As far as Harshit, yeah, keep singing easy songs and pleasuring the ladies with it. He can't hold a candle to Toshi's singing.

saradhi said...

Saradhi, U.A.E

Well, on the one hand the wild card entry is a great opportunity for those who eliminated but on the other hand juries r deliberately indirectly contempting the contestants those who through to the final FIVE. It's not wrong with public, Juries... strictly bear in mind that "Internet lines r abruptly closing from Sunday morning onwards, although the limited time is upto 12 midnight on Sunday,". It seems SVOI is looking to make more money by giving chance to them. BETTER, PUBLIC NOT TO VOTE FROM NOW ONWARDS. It's simply waste of time. Eventually I wud say SVOI show is merely betraying PUBLIC.

SL said...

I believe Toshi has gathered a lot of public sympathy by talking about his background and struggles.
Well in any case he is no match to Abhas. ABHAS is any day far better so far as talent is concerned. One cannot judge and compare him and Abhas on just two songs. They seem to have forgotten "O GUJARIYA" in dual voice, "Mere Man Yeh Bata De Tu", "Nain Lad Jain Hai To Manva Ma Kasak", "Hai Agar Dushman" and the others sung by Abhas. "EK Chatur Nar"in the wild card round ofcourse can never be overlooked.
I would not say Toshi is not talented he certainly is but has some limitations. He is nowhere even close to Abhas. Abhas is any day far more talented and has given a consistant performancethroughout.
So far as praises from judges for Toshi are concerned, they have been highly prasing Punjab da puttar inspite of his poor performance, Abhilasha ignoring her mistakes.
I think judgments should not be based on sympathies. This is a contest and meris and talent should not be overlooked.

K. K. Jha said...

Abhas should be back by wild card entry; because he can sing different types of songs, which Toshi can not. Also Abhilasha has reached too far, which she really don't deserve.

BV said...

ABHAS has to come back through the wild card entry round. Without him there is no real contest. No SACCHE SURO KI JAI JAIKAR. He is the most deserving contestant. None of the other participants are anywhere close to him. He has given a marvellous performance throught. He not only sings well but has a capacity to sing all types of songs.

Amit said...

No doubt Abhas is the best among all the participants of SVOI. It is very unfortunate he has been eleminated despite giving excellent performances. The variety of songs that he has sung through out the contest no other contestant has even tried.
NONE stand any chance against him provided judgment is fair. He has been eleminated which was a manupalation as voting lines and SMS were blocked. It again seems he is being subjected to hostile discrimination. In the advertisment of wild card entry round photographs of only 6 contestants are being shown and not that of Abhas. What should be concluded from this? ? ? ? Is it that he will again not be granted a fair opportunity.
Come on be fair atleast now and dont make this show a total charade. Dont let bias judgments come in way of true talent.

Utsav said...




os said...

this is complete cheating! first the public gave less votes to toshi etc but now they r asking to bring the eliminated contestants back again! what were they doing when he was not out? depending on others to vote? well this is totally unfair for the other participants who r not eliminated! they have worked hard listened cruel comments till now while these eliminated participants were resting at home praying for thier come back AGAIN! JO OUT HUA HAI WOH OUT HAI !FINISH

Madhushree said...

I think Gajendra Singh is ina catch 22 situation right now. If the wild card episode had not been brought in, VOI would have faced a lot of flak from the public because hugely talented singers like Abhas, Toshi were eliminated while mediocre and poor performers like Ishmeet and Abhilasha are still in the contest.
Ofcouse Gajju made a big mistake by asking for public voting yet again in the wild card round. The team of talented neutral judges should have judeged and put an end to it. Its almost an insult of the esteemed judges like Khayyam etc..
Personally it maddens me to see Ishmeet still in the contest. He is so dull and is a classic case of how public voting continues to be regional and not a true judgement of talent.

vidyabhushan said...

It is really hyppocricy. Gajji says he was 'sharminda' to initiate voting system, even when he neglected the candidates with higher scores, like arindam, ira, rahul, sriram to include the ones with much lesser scores. Actually, the potential to draw sms played big role even selecting last twelve. Look at poor talented guy from panjab, vipul. On the other hand, the ones who were given lesser scores by the judges are not only continuing, but also being given wild card entery too. When you earn more money by sms than by ads, the meaning of the tears shed on stage could be understood. The fake demonstrations, covered by their own cameras, are organised just to make the show more interesting and extract out more sms. Show becoming more boring than even indian idol.

praveen said...

harshit is the best. where is the fairness in VOI

Shaz said...

I want to know how to vote via Tata indicom landline. Can someone please please educate me?